3 Facts for the Day

4 12 2012

1.  I do believe that today’s post, instead of 3 facts for the day, should be titled “Diary of a Crazy Pregnant Woman.”  Seriously.  Man!  I woke this morning and just felt a case of the blues.  I was finding myself being upset over nothing or tiny things that might as well mean nothing.  For example, I had helped my stepdaughter pick out an outfit for picture day last night.  My husband got her ready this morning while I slept.  When I woke up, I noticed the outfit we had picked out still on the hanger.  My feelings were hurt.  Did she not like what I picked out, but didn’t want to tell me?  Then I thought about a multi-text I had sent out the day before and thought of the people who had not responded back.  Did they not care how I was doing?  I suppose you can see the irrational pattern of my thoughts here.  Then I got a sweet text from my father-in-law checking on me and how I was feeling and I just broke down bawling.  My poor husband asks why.  “I don’t know!” Oh me, then I get a call from the insurance people, an automated recording telling me my claim amount that had been awarded.  Their figure was nothing like I was expecting, so of course, more tears.  I think poor Ben was probably secretly glad he had to leave for work.  Bless his heart.  He has since checked on me by phone.  He’s such a sweetie for putting up with me.  And then there’s my poor child.  I think we are somehow connected hormonally.  She has been whiny all day.  Earlier I actually heard her cry/singing the theme song to her favorite TV show.  I never knew that little joyful tune could sound sad.  Perhaps I’m just starting my postpartum blues a little early so they won’t be so bad later on.  Right?!  Insert wishful thinking here.

2.  I truly thought it was on last night!  Labor, that is.  At around 11 pm I started having contractions.  They were mild, didn’t hurt really bad, but I knew what they were.  They continued till around 2 am.  I just rolled with it since they weren’t bad and didn’t get any worse, but in the back of my mind I was just sure it was go time!  After 2 am, they tapered off and I began to feel exhausted, but have you ever tried to fall asleep after you’ve gotten in your head that you’re gonna go have a baby?  Around 3 am, I finally had to take a Benadryl.  I knew Chloe would be awake early and if I didn’t get some sort of attempt at sleep, I would be done for.  Of course, I’m exhausted today.  I’m also nauseated and all sore and achy from all the practice of my uterus last night.  I’m really looking forward to Chloe and I taking a nap.  I’ll probably try to get her down after writing this post.  Then I’ll be ready to go if tonight is a repeat of last night.

3.  I think my little girl knows something is going on.  She has been stuck to my side like glue.  I mean, I never get to go pee by myself, but usually she stands beside the toilet.  The past 2 days, she’s climbing in my lap as I sit on the toilet.  She’s stepping on my heels and I’m beginning to think she has regressed with her speech and the only phrase she knows is “hold me.”  The funny thing is, I’m embracing it.  I mean, it kinda gets on my nerves at times, but overall I’m just caving in to the “hold me’s.”  I’m trying to soak it all in while I can.  Last night we read a total of 6 bedtime stories, then I reread a few of them.  In fact, she just strolled up to the computer and turned the chair around and said “come in the living room and hold me, then we go ride horsey at Walmart.”  So I shall end my post here for now and I’ll see you all again tomorrow.  Who knows, it may end up being a post made from my mobile phone as I sit in a hospital bed.

That is all 🙂





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