3 Facts for the Day

5 12 2012

1.  Today, my Mother-in-Law bought a stocking for Bailey for us to hang by the chimney with care.  It was funny to me the impact that seeing that stocking hanging from my mantle had on me.  I’ve got all her drawers stocked with tiny sleepers.  Her new bedding is on the crib.  I pretty much have the nursery completed and ready for her arrival.  But for some reason the stocking seems different.  I have been putting off getting one, thinking to myself, she’s not even here yet, you still got plenty of time.  Well, as the day grows closer, I realize just how little time is left.  I went to see my Dr. again today and he confirmed that things are progressing down there and Bailey will be with us soon.  I certainly feel that way.  I feel like I’ve been doing the russian splits with no prior stretching.  I feel like Kid and Play are having a straight up House Party in my cervix.  If you get that reference, then bless you companion child of the 90’s.  The point is, it’s coming.  Ready or not, it’s coming!  Seeing an additional stocking hanging from the mantle, nestled between our other stockings, surprised me at first.  Then it brought a warm feeling of joy and contentment to be adding another precious child to my already pouring over with blessings life.

2.  I have been so happy today to have received so many phone calls and texts from family members checking on me.  My precious Daddy called as soon as he got up from his night shift slumber.  I could hear the sleep still dripping from his voice, but he wanted to see how his baby girl was doing.  Yep, I’m the baby girl I speak of.  I found it wonderfully amusing but was not surprised at all when my two sisters texted me the almost exactly same phrased text within minutes of each other.  Us girls tend to do that all the time.  It’s like some mental link we share.  I can’t wait to see that cultivate in Chloe and Bailey.  My Mother-in-Law was with me today for my appt. and I noticed my other in-laws checking in with her to see how I was and the latest update.  That was so appreciated.  My sister-in-law checked on me and it just lifts my spirits and makes me grin like an idiot over her shared excitement for my pregnancy and the impending arrival of baby girl.  My Aunt is always a 1/2 a ring away from arriving at my door with anything and everything of herself to help make things easier for me.  I’m gonna have to mess up some dishes just so she can come wash them for me.  I don’t base my self worth on others’ opinion of me or their actions towards me.  I base it on God’s view of me.  But it is a wonderful mirror of His and His Son’s character when we see the love of family so evident that it is a splash of brilliant light in your life.  I am so thankful and so full today.

3.  This year’s Christmas Season is especially exciting.  Of course, cause I’m getting a baby for Christmas, but I’m speaking specifically right now about Chloe.  We all love Christmas, but it is super cool to see the joy of it on a 2 year old’s face.  She can understand so much more this year than she could last year.  It fills this Mommy’s heart with pride when she says in her cute little voice “Jesus’s Birthday.”  I love the way her eyes open really wide when she sees Christmas lights.  I’m really digging that she is all about this Santa thing.  She told me she loves him.  And I am so taking advantage of it!  Normally a kid sees a toy in the store and it’s a battle to make them leave it behind.  Now I get to say, “Put it on your list for Santa.”  You get to say stuff like, “You gotta be good if you want Santa to bring you toys.”  There’s that tiny part of me that feels kinda guilty for using it like I am, but then there’s that other part that is like, “This is freaking awesome!”  Finally someone else to take some parental responsibility.  Being a parent can be tough, so I think Santa owes it to me to take some of it.  I mean, there is plenty of times he didn’t bring what I asked for and I know I was good.  Well, pretty good anyway.  Either way, he owes me after all those cookies and milk I left out over the years.  And I’m taking full advantage of his reputation and clout.

That is all 🙂





2 responses

5 12 2012

I love that you’ve started blogging, and I enjoy reading it so much. Love you!

5 12 2012

Thanks so much Chasity! I love doing it. Feel free to share the link with anyone you think might enjoy it too. Love you dear friend!

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