3 Facts for the Day

6 12 2012

1.  First, I offer an observation.  Many interesting things happen when you become a parent.  I could probably just write about those things for the rest of my life.  I think this one is definitely worth mentioning, though.  When you become a parent, your snack is no longer your own.  Follow me, now.  When you were a single chick living in the dorm or at your parent’s house, whatever, you got hungry, you made a delectable snack, then you sat down and you ate it, all of it.  Oh, the days.  No more, I tell you.  When you have a child, snack time changes.  First, you can never make your snack when you want to.  You may think, I would really enjoy a bowl of popcorn right now.  But then you look down and realize you’re currently wiping poop off someone’s butt, and it may need to wait.  Secondly, the snacks you used to keep in the cabinet, may not be there.  You go looking for those lovely baguette chips to dip into some fresh hummus, and when you open the cabinet you are assaulted by the sight of fruit snacks, puffed oats, and box after box of mac and cheese.  So finally you settle for a discarded bag of tortilla chips that are really just a bunch of broken pieces.  You find a jar of salsa at the back of the fridge with a tiny bit left in it if you shake it upside down really hard.  So you bring your pitiful snack into the living room and settle into your favorite chair, ready to get your grub on.  Out of nowhere comes these little fingers grabbing a handful of the few remaining whole pieces of chip and they scoop up a monster load of precious dip in mere seconds before you can even say a word.  Kids sweep in for your snack like buzzards to roadkill.  Perhaps that’s why Mommy’s butts get big, cause they have to wait until kiddos are asleep to savor a late night caloric enjoyment.  Keep that in mind Daddies.

2.  This pregnancy has truly amused me in this 3rd trimester.  This morning I woke up after a full, 9 hours of sleep.  Let me start there.  Amazing how on some nights I can’t sleep more than an hour at a time for a total of 4 hours period, then other nights I’m like Rip Van Winkle.  When I did wake up this morning and passed by the mirror, I was taken aback by the sight of the swollen woman staring back at me.  My eyes looked like I had been a victim of a pepper spray incident.  My nose looked like I had either gone a round with Mike Tyson or was an Irish man in his 60’s who enjoyed partaking in the whiskey on a daily basis from the age of 11.  Yesterday, I looked fairly normal.  I could see my ankles and everything.  Some days I feel so much pelvic pressure I begin to wonder if I’ll make it till the end, then the next day I would wake up and feel like I could run a marathon.  Granted, now, at this point, I’m feeling the pressure every day and couldn’t run to the front door.  It’s just kinda funny how the past 3 months have gone.  I really think it’s God’s grace.  It’s like stuff is gonna happen.  You’re gonna have pregnancy symptoms.  Some of you may suffer from chronic pain.  You may be going through a problem with a relationship.  You’ll have a day where you think “I just can’t take this anymore!”  Then the next day, you wake up and things have settled down just enough that you can take another day and more importantly you see some hope and light, knowing that every thing has a season, and all things change.

3.  As I was driving back from the store today, I looked in the back seat at Chloe via my rearview mirror.  Ben laughs at me for putting it on her seat instead of the traffic behind me.  What can I say.  Guilty as charged.  As I looked back at her, I could see her little eyes wanting to shut.  She also had this goofy little grin on her face and there’s really no way of knowing what amusing thought was running through her head at that moment.  She was simply stunning to me at that time.  It’s no secret that I think my child is beautiful.  Anyone who knows me, knows that.  What I find amazing though, is how something so beautiful came from me.  Her father and I made something so precious.  I look at the pregnancy books and see how the cells first formed together to create her in my body.  She grew inside me then came out as a precious little baby.  Then, every day she grows more and more beautiful to me.  It’s miraculous.  I find it amazing how I feel about her.  Then I think about my Mother and how she saw that when she looked at me.  Then I think about how God sees that when he looks at us.  He created us and as He watches us grow, He is so proud.  Isn’t it a special feeling to know that you were created, you were formed in your mother’s womb and made into something so special and beautiful.  It’s just the way it is, that even if you don’t know it or don’t feel that way, that someone is watching you in the rearview mirror and is filled with joy over how wonderfully made you are.  I think we can all feel a peace in knowing we’re beautiful to the one who created us.

That is all 🙂





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