3 Facts for the Day

8 12 2012

1. At 7:50 this morning I began having contractions that were 5 minutes apart. I timed them for about an hour and walked around before I finally woke Ben to let him know it was time. By the time we were getting ready to leave the contractions were stronger and 3 minutes apart, so I felt pretty confident we were doing the right thing. Long story short, I was contracting every 2-4 minutes and had dilated to 3 cm, but my contractions weren’t intense enough to progress things at a steady pace. They suggested I go home! I was stunned. See, I’m a very analytical person. I google everything. I research everything. I have every pregnancy and parenting book around. According to my reading, I thought it was time! Ahh, isn’t it difficult to be humbled, to realize you’re not always right no matter how much you study up on a subject. I can just see God smiling down at me, like I do Chloe when she thinks she knows more than me. Just like Chloe has to realize her Mommy knows more than her, I have to release control of knowing what in the world is going on. Thankfully, He knows exactly when is the best time for Bailey to join us. I’m still contracting every 5 minutes, even as I write this, but I’ve now been humbled to wait until it’s His time, not mine.
2. Chloe has been a doll today. She’s been with us all day and taken it all in stride. I’ve seen no tears or tantrums. She knows something is up. Just last night she was stuck to my hip and as I went to the bathroom, Ben told her to stop following me or she would get a spanking. She tried to tiptoe to the door with a little smirk. I said “Don’t make Daddy spank you.” She broke into real tears and wailed “Mommy, I miss you!” Such a sweet little doll I have. She deserves plenty of hugs for being such a big girl today. She’s a big sister in training for sure.
3. My dear husband has been so wonderful today. He came over to me a moment ago and placed a tender kiss on my cheek and I could just feel the love radiate off him. He has been so patient, calm, and supportive. He’s helped me put on my shoes and brought me any little thing I ask for. I don’t even grow tired of him asking “How’s it going baby?” Maybe that’s because the contractions are still tolerable! Well, here’s to the beginning of a new journey for us. That is all 🙂





3 responses

8 12 2012

Oh, I’m so excited for you, and I’m praying for you. Lots of love!

8 12 2012

Thanks so much!!

29 12 2012

I love this picture!!

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