3 Facts for the Day

9 12 2012

1. As some of you may already know, I had quite the eventful night, last night. We welcomed a beautiful bundle of beyond joy to our precious little family. Bailey Noelle entered this world at 3:05 this morning weighing 8lb 4 oz, 20 in long. After laboring for 13 hrs at home, when I arrived to the hospital, she was ready to join us. It moved very quickly from that point. She emerged with a single push and actually debuted before her Dr. arrived. Quite the eager little lady! Her first cry brought tears to my eyes. As I held her against my chest and nursed her, I knew she was mine, and I was hers. Mother/daughter, bond beyond words.
2. Despite the early hour, I was joined by many family members. I am so blessed and feel so loved. My Mother-in-law was present for delivery. She is like a birth mother to me and I was grateful for her presence. My Aunt, my Mom’s sister, was by my side, holding my hand and wetting my brow. She has always taken care of me. My wonderful, loving husband was ever present, brushing my cheek with a tender kiss and telling me how proud he was of me. I was blessed enough to have my own personal doula or birth coach! My sister-in-law was there with her L&D experience to help distract me through the worst of the pain and that was such a wonderful and much needed thing at the time. My sweet little girl was there. She was such a big girl! She also lent some comedic relief to the situation. When they put a ID bracelet on Bailey, she said,”Look, she’s got a watch like me.” Her narrative of how “the Dr pushed Momma’s belly and made the baby come out” is also amusing. Before I left for the hospital, I put on the earrings of my Mother’s that she left for me. I wanted to have a piece of her on, as well as in my heart. I know she was there and proud of me.
3. It’s been a great day. I’m very tired working on just a 3 hr nap this morning, but I still feel good overall. Every time I look at Bailey’s sweet face, touch her soft skin, smell her newborn fragrance, hear that sweet smacking sound as she nurses, my energy level presses on. I nursed her, burped her, rocked her to sleep, and put her swaddled perfection down for a nap. Chloe had been waiting, somewhat patiently, for her turn. Daddy’s lap just wouldn’t do. I rocked her to sleep and as I did, I looked over at Bailey and thought “yeah, I can do this!” I felt pretty pleased. Then Bailey woke and cried out. Chloe’s eyes popped open and she said “Baby!” Well, I’m getting there anyway. That is all 🙂





2 responses

9 12 2012
Jamie Walker

I am so very happy for you Brie!

9 12 2012

Thanks so much!

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