3 Facts for the Day

11 12 2012

1. Today it was decided that I could use some help. I say decided because I sometimes think I can handle anything, but luckily the sweet people who love me, keep me in check. Ben went back to work today and my Mother-in-Law offered for Chloe to spend the day at her house. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me, it is. See, I never have anyone watch Chloe unless I’m at work or I believe a grand total of 3 times in the past two years when Ben and I took a date night. We just enjoy having her around. That being said, it is so odd feeling to not have her around today. I admit, it’s very nice to care for Bailey without the added stress of caring for a toddler, but I really miss her. She’s my little buddy. My sister stopped by earlier and asked how Chloe was doing, and I started crying. I’m about to cry now! This is a work in process people. Pray for/with me.
2. Isn’t it funny how you think that everything your baby does is cute? Bailey is really starting to become more alert. This morning she was just staring at me and her head would roll over to the side like she was drunk, then it would roll back and she would look at me like “hey, I know you.” My little milk intoxicated munchkin with her infant acne is just plain adorable! I was feeding her earlier and she stopped nursing for a second, furrowed her brow, grunted, and hiked her leg up. This was followed by a wet fart noise from her diaper. Ben said “Ahh, that’s so sweet.” Those startle responses when you realize you just scared the crap out of your kid, elicit another “Ahhh!” A fly on the wall would think that’s her name.
3. My husband came home from work for his lunch break today and he had a Mohawk. Yes, you heard me correctly. Out of all the responses that went through my head, the one that came out of my mouth was, “we’ll, don’t you look handsome!” Then I kissed him. As he left later on, I realized I had meant what I said. I love that my husband can be such a kid at heart and keep me in stitches with his immature humor, but then make decisions and actions for our family that reflect that of a man with years of experience beyond his own. We play together, we pray together, we raise a family together. I know he can’t understand some of my emotional reactions due to hormones, but the fact that he tries makes me love him all the more. I, in turn, try my best to curb any negative emotional reactions to him. It’s a two way street, and I’m really enjoying the ride.
That is all 🙂





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29 12 2012

Sweet Baby!!

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