3 Facts for the Day

12 12 2012

1. So, interestingly enough, my infant has awoken the past 3 nights at 3 am, inconsolable for 3 straight hrs. Well, that’s not really interesting, just aggravating. The interesting part is that she entered this world at 3 am. The first two nights, 3 am coincided with feeding time. Last night she ate at 2 am and fell asleep easily and deeply. But then she woke out of nowhere at 3 am. So, of course, this morning I was racking my brain trying to find out what I’m doing or not doing that’s causing this early waking. She is a little angel during the day that refuses to cry except when I change her diaper, but stops immediately when cuddled. Gas drops don’t seem effective. I tried to think of what in my diet might be upsetting her little tummy. I don’t care how many books I reference from my home library or how extensive my Internet research. I may just not find a solid answer and/or solution. Colic without a specific cause? Possibly. Once again, this may be something out of my control that I will just have to pray about and hand over to God. Stay tuned.
2. Ben took Chloe with him to an appt. this morning so I could sleep in with Bailey after our eventful early morning. He called on his way home to see if I wanted Chloe dropped off at her Nonnie’s house. I declined. She was very excited I did and I could see it on her face when she ran into the house and enveloped me with an excited hug. Her adjustment is still a work in progress. After the hug, she grabbed at my boobies and said they were hers! Then she lay on the bed fake crying and said, “I’m a baby.” For the past 2 days she’s been saying “I’m cold.” I couldn’t understand that one since she’s normally so hot natured. Finally got it this morning when she said it again then covered up with one of Bailey’s blankets. She’s been watching us swaddle Bailey. So she wants to “be cold” and get covered up too. She’s extremely hyper, but thankfully Bailey is very easy to care for, allowing me plenty of time to feed, bathe, and just play with Chloe. Bailey finds it easy to sleep through loud noise, which is a blessing. Telling Chloe to keep it down, is pointless. Stay tuned.
3. I’ve been dealing a lot over the past few weeks with two things, doubt and hope. I am in a season where things seem to be just out of reach. I find fear wanting to grip me when situations are out of my control. I find myself worrying if they will work out like they’re supposed to. Just when I think I may feel the need to crumble under the strain of my doubt and worry, I am miraculously lifted up. Hope floods me and trust takes over. There seems to be just enough provision just when we need it. So often you can become consumed with how things aren’t working out like you want. When you do this, your eyes are closed to the many little things that are working out perfectly in your favor. It’s a work in progress, like so many things in life. I think God gives us desires. I think He is faithful to deliver those dreams and desires. I think He knows the best way and time to make those come to life. I think we all forget that. I think He forgives us for doubting Him and forgetting His faithfulness. I sure am glad! I’ll keep trying. Stay tuned.
That is all 🙂





2 responses

29 12 2012

Can so relate! Thanks for your blog!

30 12 2012

Great! Thanks so much for reading!

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