3 Facts for the Day

15 12 2012

1. So, if anyone wants my opinion, I personally think that a newborn is easier to take care of than a two year old. At least, that’s been the case around here since Bailey arrived. For example, let’s look at meal time. You feed a newborn, burp them, then they fall asleep. Your toddler wants to eat: First, you go through a multitude of meal choices, and after much prodding, they make a decision (not the one you would have chose). Next, you prepare this toddler friendly meal, only for them to decide, as it’s placed in front of them, that as of this moment, they no longer like that food. You either make them eat it or save that battle for another day and make something different. Just as you get involved in another task, they scream “done” and are ready to be helped down from their booster seat. You find the meal half eaten with a large portion of it on their clothing, in their hair, and on the floor. This debacle ends with you on your hands and knees scrubbing up Mac & cheese off the hardwood before it congeals. I will admit, my sweet toddler has been replaced by a wild, jealous, often tearful, tantrum throwing young lady. I am hopeful that this is a transitional period and my dear girl will reappear soon!
2. A momentous event occurred today. I made my first Walmart trip with both girls, by myself. It went beautifully. I couldn’t have hoped for better. Bailey and Chloe were both peacefully quiet on the way there. Rather than toting a heavy carrier, I placed Bailey in a sling and wore her in the store. She slept the entire time. I didn’t feel rushed. I let Chloe ride the carousel horse there and we also visited McDonalds. I got the required items without a snag. The only eventful turn from the trip was at the checkout. The lines were long and an employee came over and announced that lane 7 was now open. I’ll remind you all that I had a toddler with no nap and was wearing a newborn. I had maybe 20 items. A 20 something woman, by herself, with a basket overflowing with stuff quickly said to me “do you mind if I go ahead of you?” She asked this as she pulled her cart out in front of me. I was so shocked I could only reply “yeah, sure, I just got a hungry baby.” She was “kind” enough to ignore my remark. I still got out of there without incident. Smooth ride back home and got the milk put away before having to nap Chloe and feed Bailey. I told Ben that I understand it may not always go that smoothly, but it was a good confidence boost for me that this first time it did.
3. I know that I will not be the only parent that will hold their children a bit tighter tonight after the horrific event in CT today. I am shocked at such an unquestionably dreadful tragedy and can not understand why these things happen. I realize it’s not up to me to understand, but only pray for the grief the families are feeling. Ben and I have discussed this type of thing before and we personally believe that when an innocent child is faced with a frightening or a painful event, that God with his mercy steps in before they have to experience such a feeling and removes them from perceiving that fear or pain. I have no evidence of this. It’s just how I feel my God would handle things for the innocent ones. An event such as this, can often make one fearful to raise children in such a world as this. But I think that’s one of the benefits of having a close personal relationship with The Lord, is that your life doesn’t have to be ruled by this fear. That’s not to say that tragic events won’t befall you. They just might. But I find that trusting in a power higher than my own, gives me a peace that makes fear fall to the wayside. My thoughts and prayers are with all involved and effected by today’s tragedy. I pray that peace may descend upon them and help them through this time.
That is all.





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