3 Facts for the Day

16 12 2012

1. Today was our first day back to church with our new, special little addition. It was an interesting morning to say the least. I woke 2 1/2 hrs prior to the time we should leave. In retrospect, I should have gotten up at least 3-4 hrs in advance. Bailey was sound asleep when I got up. I changed her diaper and nursed her, during which time she stayed fast asleep. That’s the thing with babies. If you want them to wake up, it’s impossible. You can undress them, bath them, talk to them, and nothing. You could run 5 vacuums simultaneously while blow drying your hair with the TV at full volume, and they would stay asleep. Adversely, if you want them to stay asleep, they’re gonna wake up. Feed em, have a dry diaper, nice and swaddled, white noise playing in the background, and it’s all for nothing. I went to shower with all my brood still sleeping soundly. After my quick shower, I decided to peek in on the baby. Ben was sawing logs and my little helper Chloe was standing by the bassinet, rocking it haphazardly, while attempting to jab a pacifier in any accepting hole available. I should have known better. Thankfully, no injuries were sustained. I then had to devote at least 15 min and one arm a piece for each girl, another short nursing session to calm Bailey from her rocky ride, and was tasked to find appropriate toddler TV programming complete with chocolate milk and a cup of dry cereal. It takes much longer to get ready when the job is broken into segments divided by attending to the needs of others. After I was finally ready, I got Chloe all dolled up. This is incredibly enjoyable for me. I love dressing up my little girl!! And now there’s two. Bailey was such a champ while I got her dressed. Of course, by the time I was ready to dress her, she had fallen back asleep! She humored me during the process and never cried once. My one regret; forgot to take pictures. Before dressing the younger girls, I had woke my step-daughter and husband for them to get ready. The nine year old was ready by the time I finished the baby; her father is a different story! My dear husband works from open to close on Saturdays and subsequently requires an IV infusion of Maxwell House to get moving on Sunday morning. Two diaper bags later, we were all ready to go. “Girls, get in the Jeep!” I called. Chloe cries out, “No! I pooping!!” Of course. Why would I be surprised. So we sidetracked to the Dora potty and went #2. My goal was to make it to church by 10:15. We arrived at 11:05. I gotta work on it!
2. I so enjoy that my church is small and inviting. It’s like home. When we arrived late, there were no cold stares of disdain, only welcoming smiles and whispered congratulations. Nursery services are provided, but we chose to keep the two younger girls seated in the sanctuary with us. I think that for a two year old, Chloe is very well behaved. She colored in the floor while eating pretzels, knocking my coffee cup over 26 times, bumping into her baby sister’s carrier 12 times, and sticking her fingers in the crack of the seat in front of us to poke the nice lady there in the butt. She did this all fairly quietly, though, so I can’t complain. I enjoyed the sermon. I enjoyed the fellowship that followed. I enjoyed sitting next to my sister, who had come as well, and seeing the soft glow of growing motherhood on her lovely face. (I’m eager for the birth of her little one)
3. Afterwards, we returned home. I so enjoy Sunday afternoons. It’s a nice, quiet day to spend with family. Ben is always off on Sundays. I think that’s the only think I dislike about my job, is working every Sunday. I’m soaking up this time off. It was nice to sit down in a warm house and watch a Christmas movie with my gang. I fed my baby, held my other baby in my lap, and held hands with my sweetheart. As naps were started by the younger of the family, I meditated and studied on today’s sermon and God’s word. My Father-in-Law spoke of the birth of Jesus and what it implies to us all, even today. I feel joy knowing that God loved us so much that He became a person and lived among us. Still loves us. Jesus Christ was truly God and truly man. “He is King, the gate, the true vine, the bread of life, the good shepherd, the way and the truth and the life, the bright morning star, the chief cornerstone, the light of the world, the great physician, the rock of ages, the author and perfecter of our faith, the first and the last, healer of the sick, lover of the poor, teacher, and Savior of the world”. I feel honored that this gift was given to me. Isn’t it wonderful to know someone who is called by so many names? It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you call Him. In a world where devastating events befall us; it is such a peace to know there is One who is in control, has it all figured out, and knows the answer to the question “why?”.
That is all šŸ™‚





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