3 Facts for the Day

19 12 2012

1. We went to my Dad’s Christmas party last night. I should have known something was wrong when Chloe declined anything from her plate, which included chicken nuggets, pizza, and a cookie! I thought she was just tired. She kept complaining of being cold on the way there and back, and I thought it was more cries for attention. I felt horrible when we got home and passed out like I had guzzled cocktails at the party instead of bottled water. Bailey slept right along with me. When I would wake to feed her, I noticed Ben rocking Chloe. He said, “She’s sick. I think she’s running a fever.” I felt her and thought she felt ok. Then he felt me and said “that’s cause you’re running a fever too.” And so it began.
2. Ben went to work this morning. I figured I could handle it. I realized I had practically lost my voice overnight. I also realized that my family members who help me with Chloe were unavailable today. It was becoming more apparent that we needed to go to the Dr. Thankfully, Bailey was showing no signs or symptoms of sickness. In fact, if you base things on appetite and wet and dirty diapers, then she was healthy as a horse. Another thing I was thankful for was the new Dora toys and baby Dr toys Chloe received at the party last night. The distraction of play was helping. But it could only do so much. As her fever began to spike over 102, she fell apart. She wouldn’t eat and would barely drink. She didn’t want Popsicles or ice cream. As I rocked her to sleep and felt the heat of her burning through my clothes, and wiped the tears away as she cried “I’m hurting Momma, I’m cold”; I broke into tears myself after her eyes closed.
3. Ben took a 3 hr break from work and took us to the acute care clinic. I felt somewhat better, I think because I had been focusing all my energies on the girls. I have laryngitis and bronchitis. My dear Chloe has Type A Flu! Bailey still appears to be the healthiest of us all. I got a flu vaccine which I hope will protect us both. The Dr did say that people were coming in with Chloe’s strain of the flu who had been vaccinated as well. So actually, I’m trusting God to keep my infant daughter well, and I’m washing my hands like I have OCD. It’s been a rough evening. It’s hard to know which crying baby to pick up first. So I’ve been trying to hold them both. Easier said than done for sure. Still pushing fluids on Chloe. I just heard the most wonderful sound (next to the laughter of Chloe); Ben coming in the back door. He brought pedialyte. Good man. Keep us in your prayers.
That is all 🙂






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