3 Facts for the Day

19 12 2012

1. We’re still here. I would like to think we’re on the mend. I slept hard, but fitfully, coughing with a sore throat. I personally didn’t feel any better when I got up; just exhausted. It did lift my spirits, though, to see Chloe wake up. Ben was a God send last night. He took care of Chloe while I tended to Bailey. He rocked her most of the night, pushed fluids throughout the night, and gave her medicine as needed. She did spike 103 on her temp last night, but I was happy to see a sagging diaper when we got up. She awoke with a smile on her face and was ready to play. She immediately went and found her Dr. kit so she could listen to her baby doll and me to “make us better.” Her appetite is improved and while she needs reminding, her fluid intake is better as well. She still has a yucky sounding cough and a hoarse voice that tugs at this Momma’s heart strings. She’s not back to herself, but I can see God’s healing hand on her. Some may think my attitude to her being sick is overreacting , but please understand that I’ve been blessed with a super healthy child who never had a fever until she was well over a year old. So, for me, this has been a big deal. I’m so thankful for her healthy little body and have tried not to love her to pieces today! Ok, I haven’t tried that hard.
2. Chloe feeling better, playing more and crying less, came at a good time today. Miss Bailey, not wanting to be outdone, has demanded my full attention today. Don’t worry. She’s remained a febrile and I see no signs or symptoms of sickness with her. I am still trusting in God to protect her from illness and believe it done. She’s just wanted her Mommy today. She has not liked sleeping in her bassinet and has preferred my arms. I finally put her in the sling and wore her around as I fixed scrambled eggs for the family. She rested quite comfortably next to my heart, which is fitting since that’s where she belongs. Ben brought it up and I too recall Chloe becoming this way around the same age. And I really don’t mind a baby wanting to be held. I recall it getting annoying at times with Chloe, but now I also know that it won’t last long. Before I know it, Bailey will want to be running around with Chloe. So if I have to spend the next few months with a baby attached to my body, that is fine. I love to look down and see a sweet, sleeping face.
3. With all the shopping, Christmas parties, then sickness around here; my house has taken a back burner. I feel almost claustrophobic at the piling dishes threatening to fall out of my sink. If I step on another dried chicken nugget bite, piece of macaroni, or discarded breakfast cereal; I might just scream. The living room rug has become a toy box and I can’t even see the print on the sofa anymore. It’s tough to take these things one at a time and not feel like I have to tackle it all at once. Ben made a good point today when he said, “If you continue to add things to your to-do list, you’ll never get anything done.” Life is like my dirty house. It can seem overwhelming and you just don’t know where to start. Ben offered to do dishes for me while I calmed myself and took the time to put the baby down for a nap properly. She slept well in her bassinet after that and I picked up as I could, allowing Chloe to help (and by this I mean track through the dirt pile I had swept up). Housework, as in life, has to be prioritized, you may have to ask for a little help, and you have to keep in perspective what’s really important and not let those you love suffer or fall to the wayside in your pursuits.
That is all 🙂






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