3 Facts for the Day

20 12 2012

1. I just woke from a wonderful 30 minute nap. It was so nice, that it might as well have been a 2 hr nap. Of course, a 2 hr nap is quite the fantasy! I’m not really sure how I’m doing this at all. I’m supposed to be getting better, yet I feel worse. As if postpartum isn’t fun enough, along with the care of a newborn; then just add in some illness. I was so pleased one week after delivery, when my aches and pains ceased, but now they’re back. If you ever worked in a restaurant and had to lift up that rubber mat in front of the grill and fryers and mop under it, then looked at your shoes afterwards; that’s what I feel like. I feel like the greasy sludge on the bottom of a fast food shoe. As if your hair isn’t nappy enough with the lack of showers and addition of spit up; go ahead and multiple that with the sweat of a 100 fevers. Every time I get Bailey to sleep, I’m racked by an uncontrollable coughing fit that shakes the poor thing awake. I’m sure every parent reminisces back to when they could chug a bottle of NyQuil and call it a day. I finally got up from my meager nap a while ago when the phone rang, of course, and the voice on the answering machine let me know that the rear suspension on our family vehicle is gonna corrode and cause a horrific crash.
2. My dear, sweet toddler is feeling better just enough to cause her to be extremely hyper, but is still sick enough that she can’t handle the emotional issues of everyday little people play. She can be running around, spilling chocolate milk on the rug, and rubbing string cheese on the flat screen TV one minute, then explode into wrenching sobs the next because her baby stroller is stuck on the corner of the coffee table. She still sounds terrible enough with her productive cough and congested chest, that I’m giving her that extra mile. My leniency only seems to make things worse though, since it causes her to push my buttons and test the limits to see just how far she can get. I’ve haven’t muttered so many unmentionable things under my breath since I had to face rush hour traffic on the Washington, DC beltway. I think she has cabin fever, but sadly cold weather has ushered in just when I would want to take her outside.
3. In all seriousness, I’m ok. We’re ok. I gripe and complain above, more for a release and comic relief than anything. I am so happy that Bailey is still well. God’s promises are true. It makes me feel better myself to see Chloe healing. It broke my heart to hear her cry with bloodshot eyes while her fever burned inside her. I’ll take hyper, healing Chloe over lethargic, sick Chloe any day. I know I’m getting better too. My immunity is just compromised right now. At least I don’t have to go to work. I’m beyond blessed with my partner, my dear Ben, who helps me so much. He came home from work for his break and did some household chores, then took Chloe for a car ride. When he brought her back and laid her napping body on the bed, my heart swelled with love as I looked upon her angelic face. It’s worth every minute of it. I kissed my Prince Charming goodbye as he left for work, and once again my heart swelled.
That is all 🙂





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