3 Facts for the Day

22 12 2012

1. I knew as soon as I saw his pale face and red rimmed eyes last night, that my dear hubby was sick too. He began to run a fever shortly after arriving home. He had all of Chloe’s symptoms but could articulate them without the tears. We’re such a close family; we just have to share everything, including the flu virus. Bailey remains the healthiest of us all, and I know it’s only the grace of God that has spared her from the sickness circulating in our home. Around 5 am, I woke to feed the baby. I heard the wind whistling outside and chuckled to myself that today is supposedly the end of the world. I realized, if it was, that would be fine. I was ready. I thought, at least this cold would be over, but I would miss seeing Chloe open her Christmas presents. Funny how your mind works in the early morning hours. I also realized about that time, that I was starting to feel better! My healing culminates just in the nick of time; as my help mate begins to need me.
2. Chloe continues to improve. No fever. This morning I gave her some Tamiflu as she started her breakfast. She had cereal with slices of banana. I should of waited until she ate it all, because she ended up only eating the four slices of banana and drinking water. As I was in the bathroom getting ready, she came in and I could tell she was sick. I calmly walked her over to the toilet and held her hair back as she threw up. I realized then, that my child has never vomited. She actually handled it quite well. She didn’t cry. She actually said, “I’m sorry Momma. I messed up the floor. I was just trying to watch Dora.” What a sweet girl. And what kind of tyrant must I be, that she was worried about puking on the living room floor?! It broke my heart a little. She hasn’t been nauseated or vomited since, so I’m sure it was the medicine in an empty stomach. Her Dr. told me today that she should now be noncontagious and that made me feel better for her being involved in Christmas activities. This illness has really brought out her sweet nature. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I think my pre-Bailey toddler is back. Whew.
3. Bailey and I, being the healthy ones, had a big day out. She had her 2 week check-up. Everything looked great. 75th percentile on height. 90th on weight. She’s gaining well. That breast milk does a baby good! It has certainly given her my immunities. But it’s like I told Ben; I can’t think of anyone I would rather give em too at this time. After her appt., and bringing her Daddy his own prescription for Tamiflu, Bailey and I went shopping for eggs, bread, milk, etc. I also picked up a little gift for Ben from the girls. I can’t say what, since he does occasionally read this. Bailey was a perfect angel. She slept in the sling as I wore her around the store for two hrs. I rather enjoyed all the attention she attracted. I must admit, she’s such a cutie! After our adventure, I stopped by my in-laws, who had bought us some KFC. I hugged them both and they let me know that if there was anything we needed, anything at all, to let them know. As I drove away I actually cried, as I was touched by their sincere offer of assistance. I am so blessed to have the love, prayers, and support of family. When we got home, I was so happy to see the other half of our happy, though sick, little family.
That is all 🙂





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