3 Facts for the Day

24 12 2012

1. Today started early. I’m still getting used to getting an additional child ready. When my alarm went off, Bailey woke up with me and was far too curious about her surroundings to go back to sleep. Not wanting to wake the others yet, I put her in her rocking bassinet in the bathroom with me while I showered. She was content to stare at the towel rack while I got ready. It’s quite the adjustment getting used to a little baby again; stopping what you’re doing to nurse, burp, change diapers. It’s also a timing issue, trying to decide how much more time you need in the morning. Although, this is a loose schedule, considering how unexpected poops and spit-ups can throw a wrench in your plan. I realized I have become my mother. I dressed the girls up in velvet and silk Christmas dresses this morning. I’m certain they were uncomfortable, but I just loved doing it! They were so cute! I’m glad I took the time before church to get pictures since Chloe got ranch dressing on hers and Bailey pooped on hers. She also pooped on me, but luckily I wasn’t wearing a red velvet dress.
2. What a blessed day! I had the pleasure of watching my angel Chloe dress up as an angel in our church’s live Nativity today. Yesterday at practice, she wanted no part of the costume, but once I put mine on, she was all in. She looked absolutely precious if I do say so myself. She wore her red leather shoes that she’s been known to call her “dancing shoes” and boy did she. While the other angels in the chorus sang along to the Christmas carols, she took her place in front of the manger and began to dance. I’m not sure where she learned her fancy foot work. Bailey played the perfect baby Jesus. As her guardian angel, so to speak, I delivered her to the manger, swaddled and sweet. She slept in perfect peace throughout the entire program. Even as the tiny angels, shepherds, and wisemen came to adore her and place their little hands upon her, she still slept in heavenly peace. It filled this Mommy’s heart with joy to see my precious children re-enacting the story of Christmas.
3. This morning I was talking to God while I showered, as I usually do. I was praying for different things, asking Him for this and that. All of the sudden it hit me and I felt very humbled. As much as I know God wants to bless me and answer my prayers, I had a moment where I was like “What right do you have to keep asking for stuff?!” When I stopped and thought about it, God had already given me the greatest gift I could ever imagine and we are at a time of the year to celebrate this wonderful present. He gave His son so that I might live. Who could ask for anything more? I am surrounded by blessings in this life and am promised an eternity of such thanks to Jesus and His gift to me. I receive it.
That is all 🙂







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