3 Facts for the Day

24 12 2012

1. On a special day like today, you can find many awesome, big things to get excited about. But for me, this morning, I found that I started my day finding joy in all the little things that bless me everyday. I love that my infant daughter is starting to look around and focus on her surroundings. When she looked at me and stopped crying when I scooped her up and spoke to her this morning, it made my heart smile. I love having the day off with my soul mate. I love cooking eggs for my family, and watching Chloe shovel them in her mouth at lightening speed makes me happy. I love washing Chloe’s hair with watermelon shampoo. I love that when I was in the living room feeding Bailey, I heard Chloe wake up and call out for me. It doesn’t have to take a big present or an exciting Christmas party to make you smile. You can find wonderful gifts in every tiny moment of your life, if you just open your eyes to see them.
2. I know that for many people, the Holidays can be a depressing time. This is especially true in the face of loss. I understand. My Mother passed away in the month of October. I recall that Christmas being a very dark time for our family. It was hard to find joy in a time of such pain. I remember finding presents that she had bought for us, and it was only depressing to me. To be honest, for about a year I was very lost. I slept on my couch and stayed at home, except for work. I was like a turtle in my shell. I did not seek God’s healing like I should. I sought solace elsewhere. Thankfully God kept me in His frame anyway. I once saw a movie many years ago, where the main actor’s parents died. I cried at the end and thought “I could never deal with that!” But I did. Somehow I did. When you can’t, you can, with that extra measure God gives (even if you aren’t aware). I still try to call her to share good news. That may never stop. But the dark pain has gone, and hope remains. If you are feeling pain or darkness this Holiday season, please know that light is on the horizon. Healing is in your future. No eloquent prayer is required; just say “help” and He will. It may not be instantaneous, but it will come.
3. As I write this last fact, I’m multitasking by nursing the baby too. We have a fun, but busy evening ahead. There’s a family gathering at my brother’s. It will be a blast to gather with all my siblings and I’m really looking forward to it! Our church has a service tonight which is always food for the soul and leaves me full and satisfied. Then Santa and Mrs. Claus have a lot of presents to put out. I can’t wait for Chloe to see what she’s getting. She is so easy to please and gets so excited, that I know she’s gonna flip out. Have a great day all. Merry Christmas Eve. God bless us everyone!
That is all 🙂





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