3 Facts for the Day

25 12 2012

1. I’ll start my Christmas Day facts with Christmas Eve. We attended a 9 pm service at church last night. It is a tradition for us to go, and we’ve started our own tradition of attending in our pajamas. Chloe was proud to wear her new house shoes she has been admiring on TV and finally received; Stompeez. We almost didn’t go. Chloe was crying. Bailey was crying. Both were crying for unknown reasons 15 minutes till time to go. I left the decision on whether to go or not with Ben. I wanted to go, but I figured with them crying, he’d say forget about it. He decided we would go for it, and I’m so glad we did. Both girls settled immediately in the car. Chloe enjoyed herself there and the baby slept peacefully. We enjoyed communion, a wonderful message, and great music. Towards the end, Hallellujah Chorus played. It was so beautiful, but beyond that was how the air changed. I could feel the Holy Spirit fall. I felt God’s pleasure in our appreciation and celebration through song. It was such a wonderful feeling as the chorus sang praises and boasted to Him. I don’t believe any words in my meager vocabulary could articulate the feeling in my spirit at that moment, so I won’t try. I just know it felt so good. Sometimes I wonder how you can return to everyday tasks after having glimpsed a touch of such glory. What a time it will be to sing praises to Him directly!
2. It’s kinda hard to follow that one. But we did return home and had fun things to do. I was really surprised at how agreeable Chloe was to sleep. At first she said couldn’t sleep, but I pulled up a Santa tracker and Ben pointed to lights in the sky that looked suspiciously like Santa’s sleigh. We put out milk and cookies and she drifted off. Bailey was a bit more difficult. We discovered that Bailey prefers being a home body. She did not like all the hustle and bustle and visiting. She likes being at home with just us and sleeping uninterrupted. She was so cranky and exhausted from car rides and lap hopping. Chloe cried as a baby, but when Bailey cries it sounds like she’s being tortured. It’s horrible. Thankfully it’s not often. She did fall asleep and has since rested like Rip Van Winkle.
3. Chloe woke up on her own, thankfully not too early, but immediately remembering that Santa had come. We did video her walk down the hall and I’m so glad. The joy on a child’s face as they first glimpse their treasures is simply magical. Chloe got a doll house from Santa, complete with a little family of four. I loved that while she had the Mommy, daughter, and baby eating breakfast in the dining room; that the Daddy was on the toilet taking a poop. She also said the Daddy is the one that tells the kids to be quiet. Cute how reality molds imaginative play. I’ve had just as much fun playing with her. It’s been a wonderfully lazy, joyful, love filled day. I am full to the brim.
That is all 🙂








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