3 Facts for the Day

26 12 2012

1. My day started on a negative note. Nothing bad really happened; I just felt a poor attitude surrounding me. I hate that. Bailey had trouble sleeping early this morning and awoke at least hourly. At one point, during her waking, I found myself thinking about work and when I would have to go back. It’s good to plan ahead, but it really bothered me that I was already dreading my return to work and found myself worrying about the logistics. Who will watch the baby and Chloe? Should I have two different sitters? Would Bailey take a bottle? Should I start pumping and introducing the bottle now? Would Ben have trouble getting all the girls ready for church? I began mentally making a to-do list. I was so exhausted that I was able to fall back asleep, but my thoughts had succeeded in polluting my mood.
2. When we got up, Bailey was fussy and I couldn’t even seem to fix a cup of coffee without her crying. Chloe was following our lead and was falling to pieces at the drop of a hat. She cried because she didn’t want to shower with me; she wanted a bath. She cried because her nose was running. She cried because her chocolate milk was in the wrong cup. I suffered through getting her ready; as she cried because she didn’t want her hair brushed. As I was combing her hair and attempting a red bow, I heard Bailey start to cry again; awake after too short of a nap. Ben was trying to calm her with little result. He called to me “I’ll take care of Chloe if you’ll come get the baby!” For some reason it made me so mad and I switched with him, but not without saying in an angry voice, “Maybe I wanna do stuff for Chloe cause I miss her!” I share with you all honestly so perhaps we can relate to how everyday issues affect us all. Of course, I felt bad afterwards for my anger at Ben. I couldn’t just focus on how much I do for the baby. I had to also look at what all Ben does to help me be able to care for the baby! He is so good. I apologized honestly to him and he did to me. I think it’s so important to say you’re sorry, appreciate all your spouse does, and never allow the sun to set on your wrath.
3. We collectively got the three girls ready and headed to Ben’s parent’s for a Christmas gathering. We agreed that we’re still adjusting. It may have been a challenging morning, but the afternoon gathering and fellowship with family has been wonderful. I love watching all the kids play. Chloe and her same age cousin, Sam, had to take a nap break, but the fun continues. We opened presents. My Mother-in-Law is a great gifter! I love seeing Chloe’s face as she receives a package and tears it open! I feel that the depressing mood has lifted from me; some thanks to the good time with family, some to the support of my hubby, and the rest thanks to God’s grace. Each day is a new one in postpartum world with the adjustment of a new newborn. I’ve got good support behind me and feel blessed as usual. Now we’re off to dinner together at Chop House. So…
That is all 🙂





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