3 Facts for the Day

28 12 2012

1. I often will speak of small things that give me joy. Read my blog for an extended period of time, and you’ll likely see this theme repeated. That’s because I think it’s important to find happiness everywhere around you. I had an occasion to do just that early this morning. Bailey required a little bouncing. She wasn’t exceptionally fussy. She just needed to work some gas out, so to speak. As I rocked her, I looked around my bedroom. I saw that my jewelry box was taken over by little pink hair bows. At the foot of my bed was a tiny pair of puppy house shoes. My laundry basket was overflowing with small pants and itty bitty socks. Every few feet of the floor was covered by a doll or stuffed animal. I looked into the hall and saw how I had covered the wall with a crowded collage of family photos. Finally, I looked over to our bed and saw Ben and Chloe both snoring with their mouths open. Then I looked down at Bailey and she was doing the same. I got up to put us both back to bed and thought, “I love how my life has changed. I love that my room is no longer my own. I love how we pack a tiny house full of happiness. I even love the messes.” This is the good life!
2. When Chloe first woke up, she surprised me. Instead of asking to watch her favorite cartoon in bed, she wanted to go play with her doll house she got for Christmas. I’m glad she likes it so much, but I also really enjoy watching her play. She is really learning to use her imagination and I just find it fascinating to watch. I think it’s so important. I grew up an only child in my early years. I didn’t get siblings until I was 10. We also didn’t live around family or in a neighborhood, so I had to play by myself. There were no video games, iPhones, or iPads. I love dolls and Barbie and could play in an imaginary world for hours on end. I like to see my child doing the same. She drove around her little family in their mini van today, grocery shopping and they even went to a parade. Then they accompanied Dora to the salon for a haircut and pedicure. I love to hear her little voice talking for the little people. All her puppy stuffed animals joined the fun. Then she got out her Dr kit and gave everyone a physical.
3. Today has been an interesting day, to say the least. I had a main goal today of ordering my little sister a baby shower gift on the Internet. I had secondary goals to include a shower, dishes, and putting some Christmas presents away that currently reside on my sofa. From 10 am until 4 pm, I worked in getting that gift ordered. For some reason, Bailey would not sleep today unless in my arms. It is so hard to surf eBay with a crying baby! And I couldn’t do it on my phone, because the pics were too small to see properly. I feared I would never get it ordered and the date of the shower is too close to wait any longer. I found myself getting a littler perturbed at the baby. “Why can’t you sleep?!” Just when I thought I might snap, I look down at her sweet face, with her tiny button nose and mouth just like my own. I thought of the parents who recently lost their children. I thought of couples trying and trying to have their own children. I thought of poor parents who can only hold their newborn for a short time on this earth. I thought of these things and felt very foolish for being upset that I couldn’t shop online uninterrupted. God forgive me. Some days you just need to remember to put things in perspective. I am blessed. I will never forget.
That is all 🙂





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