3 Facts for the Day

30 12 2012

1. It’s a miracle that I’m here today. There was a wild animal in my bed last night. At least, that’s what it sounded like. First off; no, I’m not talking about Ben. Not yet, anyway. I’m speaking of the little grunting, growling critter who woke every one up with her loud slurping and gulping last night. Bailey is 3 weeks old today. Overnight she woke at least every 1-2 hours and ate like she had never been fed before. That girl was hungry and she enjoyed her meals. It must be the first of many growth spurts. As I look at her, I’m amazed at how she is growing so quickly. She will likely only be in a newborn size for a few more days. Bittersweet. So fast how time goes.
2. It seems that Santa’s bag of toys vomited its contents into my house. It’s like a Benny Hill sketch. I hurriedly pick up the toys out of the living room floor while the baby is asleep and put them in Chloe and Marlie’s room. Baby wakes up and starts to cry. I go and get her out of bassinet. I return to living room and floor is magically covered with all the same toys I just put away. Chloe is sitting on the sofa peeking over the top of her Dora novel, all inconspicuous, no doubt amused at my antics. During a baby nap, I cleaned her room. It looked awesome! Her same age cousin came over and it looks like a tsunami hit the coast off the toy box. But, it is so fun to watch them play. I will continue to pick the toys up over and over and she’ll continue to pull them out over and over. It’s our individual callings in life.
3. My baby sister came over today. She is nearing the end of her third trimester with her first child. I tried to break her in real good. She held Bailey while I showered. I let her change Bailey’s clothes. She didn’t want any part of diaper duty (doody). Soon she won’t have a choice in that one! It’s funny how fragile babies seem when you’re not use to them. You’re afraid you may break them. I remember being afraid to lift Chloe’s arms too high when bathing her. One day I did, and was shocked to see “cheese” in her armpit. My kid had fungus under her pits cause I had been afraid to raise her arms too high! This time around I know better. So funny. Trial and error. You hold your 2nd child a little less firmly; as you have to use your other arm to corral the first child from running across the parking lot at Walmart. You don’t watch the clock as you feed them or keep a record of wet diapers. You just know what’s right. That’s good that it gets easier since some aspects are more difficult. When I got back from the store earlier, Bailey was asleep and Chloe was falling apart because she needed to be asleep. I put sleeping baby in carrier down and carried sleepy toddler to rocking chair. Just as she was falling asleep, Bailey began to cry from hunger. I managed to feed one and get the other down for a nap simultaneously. Challenging. Yes. Impossible. No. Humorous and wish I had a video of myself in action. Definitely. Bailey is asleep in my lap and I hear Chloe calling me as she wakes from her nap. So…
That is all 🙂





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