3 Facts for the Day

1 01 2013

1. Overnight around the Gowen house was eventful, as usual. Bailey fell asleep for the night around 9 pm. I gave her a real bath using lavender baby wash and swaddled her tight. She slept very well, just waking to nurse, until around 3 am. She woke wide eyed, not crying or fussy, just wanting to socialize a bit. Chloe woke too, within the next half hour. In contrast, she was crying and very fussy. She was coughing and feverish. I changed and fed Bailey. Ben medicated Chloe and gave her a cold drink. Then he offered to switch, as Chloe was asking for me. I found our 3 am parenting amusing, but also impressive. Our movements were well orchestrated as we moved in concert to tame the children back to dreamland. When I took over Chloe duty, I thought I was getting the better end of the deal. I figured we would cuddle up and go straight to sleep. Wrong! A sick toddler is worse than a gassy infant. Cough, cry, wiggle, turn, ask for water, cry, roll over again, cough, cry, and so forth and so on. Ben put Bailey in the back pack and she fell asleep easily. Then do you know what he did?! He brought me the sleeping one and took back Chloe duty. What a sweetie! We were all back asleep by 5:00 and dozed for several hours.
2. When we woke up, Chloe was a mess. She was coughing, crying, feverish. When they’re like that, there’s not much you can do to make things better. Ben and I agreed that another trip to the Dr was warranted. Last time it was the flu. It’s easy to ignore cold symptoms in yourself, but when it’s your kid, you aren’t as easy to let it go. I listened to her chest and it sounded clear, so I wasn’t concerned for pneumonia or anything. But I didn’t want to be a complete non-worried nurse and it end up progressing into something bad. So we went. Made appt. for 2:30. Got there 10 minutes late. The receptionist gave me a hard time. I had not realized that they were closing at 3. They questioned her symptoms and what I was doing for them and finally decided that they would see her. I tried not to be angry over the situation. It wasn’t like I enjoyed packing all my kids up and going to a Dr office to pay a co-pay, etc. I felt justified. I simmered down though; knowing I should have arrived on time. Chloe was negative for flu and strep, but positive for RSV. Poor kiddo. I’m just glad we got a diagnosis and some steroids and stronger cough med for nighttime. I had a moment of concern for Bailey, but remembered how He protected her from the flu, and prayed for His continued hedge of protection around her.
3. So it’s New Year’s Eve. This is a time when many people make resolutions. I thought about it and I really don’t have a specific resolution this year. I found this amusing as I think back on previous years. I remember, in the past, making resolutions to quit smoking, stop drinking, loose weight, and things along those lines. I’ve ditched the majority of my bad habits. I probably drink more diet coke than I should. I know I eat way too much junk. But I’m pretty content with me. I don’t mean to suggest that there’s something wrong with resolutions. There’s not. We can all be a better us, and there’s nothing wrong with striving for that. I also don’t mean to suggest I’m without fault. I just happen to be where I feel like I need to be with myself right now and that feels good. So, this New Year’s, I resolve to continue on the path that God has for me. I resolve to continue to be the best Mother, Wife, Sister, friend, and Nurse that I can be. I resolve to remember that God is responsible for bringing me to the place in life where I’m content and happy to be what and where I am, and not take His blessings for granted. Happy New Year to you!
That is all 🙂





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