3 Facts for the Day

2 01 2013

1. Our own little madhouse continues at Gowen Central Station. I would love to report that Chloe is better, but she seems about the same to me. I’m certain she’s getting better; I just can’t see results of that at this point. I have never heard a child cough so much. It sounds like we’re in some old movie where the scene is at a tuberculosis ward. I always frowned upon Moms who let their kids run around with snotty noses. I thought, “why can’t they just wipe that kid’s nose?!” I now understand. Chloe has had a runny nose in the past, but this is like a fountain. She doesn’t have a runny nose. It’s a snotty face. It’s a constant oozing of mucous that she streaks across her face. I can’t keep up. Her cheeks are chapped. Even if I could keep up; her nose would be raw from wiping and blowing. The only thing I can see that the steroids have done is clear up a rash she had around her mouth, prior to all this. Well, they’ve done that and the added bonus of changing my child’s personality. She does some weird stuff under the influence of this medicine. Earlier Ben was holding her and she picked her nose and rubbed the booger right on Ben’s face. Then, when I was eating lunch, I suddenly thought a badger was under the table. She latched onto my socked foot and tried to take a bite! No naps are had while on this stuff either. She’s currently running around with sunglasses on, speaking a language other than English.
2. Bailey continues to be in good health. Hallelujah. She continues to eat, poop, sleep, and grow! I changed to size 1 diapers about a week ago and thought they were kinda big. Now they are fitting just right. Newborn size sleepers are a thing of the past. I was kinda sad as I did laundry last night and folded several, very cute, newborn size onesies. I can just tell by the size of her head, that she’s growing. She’s gotta house all that brain power she inherited from me. She’s really starting to look around more and take notice of things. Her face is also starting to take on more personality. Earlier as she was pooping, she made a face that looked just like Scarlett Johansson. I tried to catch a picture of it, but didn’t catch it in time. Maybe next time. Scarlett, if you’re reading this; I’m really sorry.
3. We got all our Christmas stuff packed away yesterday and the house is almost back to normal. We went for a drive last night and Chloe got excited as we got near to a house that had decorated this year with lots of lights. They were no longer up and we explained that Christmas was over and decorations would be put up until next year. I then commented to Ben that it’s kinda sad to say goodbye to all the decorations. He agreed, but then added how good it is to get the house back to normal. As I sat today looking at the stack of Rubbermaid containers of Christmas decorations waiting to go to the shed; I reflected on this. Putting away the boxes just as the New Year begins is like a symbol of putting away the circumstances of the previous year and moving forward with the dreams you have for the upcoming year. Your boxes can be filled with the memories of all the events of this past year that have brought you to where you are in your life. The freshly cleared and dusted shelves represent a fresh pallet upon which you may place your dreams that you have for this year. God gives us all a dream and a way to accomplish those dreams. Sometimes our current circumstances may not reflect that dream. That’s when you can move forward with faith and confidence that what God placed in your heart, He will fulfill. So don’t be afraid to put away the old and move on with the new. You’re not throwing out those boxes, for they are full of lessons learned. You’re simply making room for new blessings to abide.
That is all 🙂





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