3 Facts for the Day

5 01 2013

1. Sickness continues here at Gowen Infirmary. Bailey is sick, but could always be worse. When she coughs, you can’t help but be shaken because of her age. When she coughs it sounds like she’s choking on the secretions and then she’ll take in a huge breath. It makes me want to cry every time she does it. Despite the scary sounding quick inhalations, she actually is having no respiratory distress. She is still eating very well. So overall, I’m blessed that she’s handling the virus so well for being so tiny. She awoke at 2:30 this morning with congestion. I used saline spray and a bulb suction for her nose. She hated it! But it worked so well! So we already have the typical “Mommy knows best” relationship that kids hate so much. After 2 hours of being awake, feeding, rocking, bouncing, and singing; she was almost asleep. Then suddenly her eyes popped open and she let out a shrill cry. Nooooo! She couldn’t do this after all we’d been through in the past two hours! I audibly cried out “dear Lord Jesus, please help me!! Please come down and comfort this child! I can’t!!” Then I noticed she was silent. I looked down and she was asleep. I’m ashamed to say it surprised me at first. Then I was like, thank you Lord!! She didn’t wake up again until we all did.
2. I’m really getting frustrated about Chloe. She is not getting well quick enough for me! Her cough continues. Today she was so flushed and ran a little fever again. Her little body is really fighting this junk. She has been very clingy today. I know she doesn’t feel well, but I also think that my extra attention to baby sister is not going unnoticed by her. I typically exaggerate in my blog for humor, but seriously; I think she’s said “hold me” a total of 36 times today. And guess what? I’ve held her every time. It just breaks my heart to have two sick babies!
3. And that brings about fact three. It is hard to care for two sick young children. Wow. I had no idea. I’m really getting initiated. I should be able to handle anything after this. My Critical care nursing job has nothing on my unit I’ve got going on here. I’ve gotten decent at rocking two babies to sleep at once. I’m keeping 2 different medicine dosages and schedules going. I got a check in the mail today that I absolutely had to deposit. That meant I would have to get the girls out. What a chore! It took over two hours to get out the door. There were several times when both were crying. I felt like I was loosing my cool and at one point said a curse word. It was the bad one! It was under my breath, but wouldn’t you know it; Chloe heard it and of course immediately repeated it. Ouch! Mommy fail. For all the struggling and stress I feel under, it’s so worth it when I hold them both. Because the thing is; Mommy makes them feel better. And that makes Mommy feel better. We’re persevering. Their immune systems are being strengthened and my resolve and deep love for my children is being strengthened as well.
That is all 🙂





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