3 Facts for the Day

6 01 2013

1. As I used a wet paper towel to remove beef stew from my toddlers fingers, it occurred to me that over the past week, I’ve spent the majority of my time trying to feed my kids. Illness hampers a little ones’ appetite. With Chloe, my fantastical plan pretty much consists of letting her have just about whatever she wants. We have macaroni and cheese for breakfast. No problem. Her eyes are always bigger than her stomach. She’ll request 3 different entrees. Last night she wanted chicken, hotdog, and fish. I will make small portions of all 3 to insure that she eats something. She will take a few bites then call out, “Mommy, I’m done!” First, she usually calls that she’s done just as I’ve sat down to feed her sister. Second, she’s a much messier eater when sick and basically requires a bath after each mini-meal. (As does the floor). Third, since it’s such small portions; she’s ready for another tiny feast within 2 hrs. This schedule coincides with the baby’s feeding schedule. She usually eats every 2 hrs, but her appetite is changed as well. She has trouble eating with a stuffy nose and doesn’t nurse as efficiently. She wears out and dozes for an hour, then she’ll nurse again. Of course, worried about her hydration I encourage this frequent, on demand nursing. So with all the eating we do around here, I’m not sure how we get anything else done!
2. Illness update: I’m sick again! I knew it yesterday, but kept hoping I was wrong. It’s a bit more difficult to be a caretaker when you want to be taken care of. I think Chloe is finally on the mend. Very thankful! She still demands my constant attention since she feels like I’m giving so much of it to Bailey. This morning I had to laugh when I realized that as I sat on the commode, I was rocking Bailey in her bassinet with one hand and holding Chloe on my lap with the other. I’ve encouraged her to play with her baby dolls. She enjoys taking care of them like they are sick. She bathes them, puts real lotion on them, was discovered using the saline nasal spray in the baby doll’s nose, swaddles the doll, rocks the doll, and yesterday she came in the room and lifted up her shirt and pretended to nurse her baby doll. She’s also always at my elbow to help me with the real baby. She always gets me a diaper and wipe. She told me yesterday that I needed to buy the wipes she saw on TV instead of the ones we have. She said the ones on TV were “best for baby.” It’s amazing how commercialism catches them so young. Bailey is still very sick, although I’m optimistic that she’s getting a little better.
3. We went to church this morning. I have two Sundays left until I go back to working weekends. So I was very eager to go since we missed last week. We were almost an hour late. I had been up since 7:30 this morning with Bailey, but that time was spent holding her rather than getting ready. We made it for the end of worship and I enjoyed the part we caught. I got emotional, but that happens when I reflect on the goodness God has done in my life. I thought a lot this morning, before we even got to church, about how much God has changed me. I couldn’t write in just one post all the changes He’s made in me, but specifically I thought this morning about how I’ve learned to depend on His strength over the past few months. There have been some challenges in my life over the past two months especially. I had to come to realize that I could do nothing about these situations, but that I could trust that God had control over them. You can know He has control, but acting in a manner that you believe it; that’s a different challenge all together. I was really amazed at how much I’ve learned to let go and let God do. I look forward to how much more He has to refine in me to bring me closer to dependence on Him. I used to fear drawing closer. I thought bad stuff had to happen to get close to God. Now I realize it’s actually much easier when you’re closer to Him and depend on His strength rather than your own. Only something as powerful as the Holy Spirit can change a person’s character and reshape their thinking. I’m excited for the future.
That is all 🙂






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