3 Facts for the Day

9 01 2013

1. I’ll begin today with an update on Bailey. I do believe she is improving. We are home, and not in the hospital, for starters! She nursed very well after getting home, and still is. This, of course, increased her urine output. That made Nurse Mommy happy to feel the weight of full diapers. She also rested well throughout the night, and therefore, so did I. We still have some healing to go, but it’s progress. She still has a cough with a lot of congestion, but is having an easier time coughing it up. There’s been no choking or vomiting the past 24 hrs. When she is awake, she spends the majority of the time coughing and crying. Her cry remains hoarse and the character of it is almost like a pleading call for help. It hurts me to hear and I sing to her and tell her she will get better soon. She eventually falls back to sleep due to exhaustion.
2. My dear Chloe has finally stopped coughing. She remains very needy of my attention. She asks a lot to be rocked in the rocking chair and as I hold her, she’ll say, “Sing me a song.” I do. Living with a two year old is constant entertainment, aggravation, and pride and joy. She’s always singing! If she’s not singing, then she’s talking non-stop. She tells me stories of what she’s seen on TV (or as she calls it, TB) or what she’s playing or something her Daddy told her or did (this second hand account is always amusing). These stories and songs are sometimes paused as she burps or poots and then explodes into laughter and let’s me know what she did like I didn’t hear it. Today she came running into the living room and proudly stated, “Look Mom! I broke my flashlight!” I mildly scolded her and asked her why. She replied, “So I can fix it Mom.” Yes, her first attempt at industry. She loves commercials and always wants the things she sees shown. Today during a commercial for fairy dolls she said “I want that Mom.” I assumed she meant the doll. In the commercial the girls playing with the dolls grow wings and fly around in their room, making a mess, and their Mother gets on to them about the mess. She then stated, “I want that. I wanna fly in my room and the Mom come in and say girls!” She thought that if you got the toy, you could fly. Nothing is just mine. I know this already, but seeing my nightstand reinforced that knowledge. It’s completely covered. And most of the stuff is not mine. There’s a lotion bottle, a nebulizer shaped like a penguin, a stack of children’s books, a sippy cup, a bottle of child’s cough medicine and sticky dropper, and a stuffed cat. At least I don’t have to worry about dusting it. I picked up a book from the floor and placed it in the bookshelf. Minutes later, Chloe came in, saw the book, pulled it off the shelf and excitedly said the title of the book. Then she dropped it in the floor and left the room. She’s been closing her bedroom door lately which I don’t like. I took an old shoe that doesn’t fit her and wedged it under the door. Minutes later she came in the living room and told me “Mom, this shoe doesn’t fit.” Then she dropped it on my living room floor, to add to all the toys that litter the rug. I can’t seem to convince her to stop picking her nose or drinking her bath water. A friend told me yesterday that she knows motherhood is often a bumpy road but is worth the journey. I told her that I was indeed enjoying the ride.
3. This morning I read a verse from I Thessalonians: Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. I have tried to continue to be thankful and full of praise over the past three exhausting weeks of sickness in our home. I feel like most of the time I do pretty good. But sometimes my reaction to things makes me think I have a long way to go. I never get this blog written in one sitting, just so you know. I breastfed and rocked baby halfway through #1. Then I gave her some medicine during #2. I decided to give her first dose of antibiotic. She can’t take it on an empty stomach. She’d eaten and been burped. I gave it and she immediately projectile vomited. I’m supposed to give that twice a day and a steroid twice a day. I don’t put it in a bottle of formula. I breastfeed. I don’t know. I may try putting it in a bottle of my breast milk. I got very upset when that happened. I was like, not again! No more vomiting and the worry over dehydration that follows! I’m glad Chloe wasn’t here because I yelled obscenities when it first happened. What is wrong with me? That’s not the reaction I want to have! I find that I often have situations that show me that I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be. Then I remember how far I’ve come from where I used to be. And then I rejoice. And then I give thanksgiving. And I definitely pray continually.
That is all 🙂





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