3 Facts for the Day

10 01 2013

Life can often be punctuated by amusing, aggravating, and awe-inspiring moments. What follows are mine for today. They can often fit into all three categories, but I’ll attempt to group into most appropriate. Just know they’re interchangeable.
1. Amusing: the drunken look on a baby’s face after they get a full tummy of milk, my toddler laughing out loud to Looney Toons cartoons just like I used to do, assisting a family member to suggest to their significant other to throw said family member a surprise party without letting on to significant other that above mentioned family member knows the whole plan (confused yet? It’s very tricky indeed!), my toddler’s obsession with Dora fruit snacks, infant passing of gas, how my husband makes his cup of coffee in the morning before work but then leaves and forgets it on the mantel (like every day), being unable to use the toilet by myself, toddler pig tails, monkeys on infant sleepers, how my husband can read my mind, taking a bath with my toddler, the questioning look on my infant’s face when she’s awake, the amount of telemarketer calls I get on my land line, my toddler’s ability to mess up her room in record time, how easily an infant can fall asleep sometimes, how my husband took toddler to store with him and she suckered him into buying her play-do, my toddler putting the baby’s diapers on her doll, seeing my toddler’s little frame perched on my husband’s night stand to watch TV, the grunting noise my infant makes when she’s hungry, how my boobs know my baby is waking up before I do, how my toddler constantly wants to help me cook or wash dishes and ironically is responsible for 90% of why I’m cooking or cleaning, how my toddler wants a band aid over invisible booboos but removes the band aid after 2 minutes, how we have 3 TVs and they’re all playing cartoons right now, how whatever room I may try to run away to I can be certain my toddler will find me, how my infant always takes a poop right after I change her diaper, and how I have so many amusing things in any given day that this doesn’t even scratch the surface.
2. Aggravating: toddler tears over little things like being out of chocolate milk, continued congestion in my infant, no creamer for my coffee, continued postpartum symptoms, my toddler’s new found ability to put movies in her DVD player but inability to do it without scratching or breaking DVDs, how difficult it is for an infant to fall asleep at times, my toddler’s uncanny ability to wake a sleeping infant after I just got them to sleep, play-do on the floor, a sink full of dishes and a fridge full of items to be discarded, when my husband can’t read my mind (mostly just kidding), how my toddler has the most to say when my husband and I are conversing, how I keep finding discarded baby wipes throughout the house from toddler using on her doll’s bottom (also wanted to put this under amusing), the amount of medicine I’m giving my baby.
3. Awe-inspiring: waking up with a precious child in each arm, when my husband left for work he called out “bye gorgeous”, how good it feels to help my baby get the congestion worked loose, being able to prepare meals for my toddler that she loves, an empty sink and cleaned out fridge, words of encouragement from another more experienced Mom who’s been in my shoes, how my husband and I can carry on conversations with each other and not get bored of the other’s opinions or stories, the peaceful look on a sleeping baby’s face, words of inspiration from a daily devotional, how despite rough times I know my God is always with me and has a grand plan in mind, how much easier rough times become when you believe the former, how on my husband’s break he goes to the store for chocolate milk and creamer so I don’t have to, when a toddler finally succumbs to a nap on her own, the fact that my toddler is better and I know my baby is getting there, how if my infant is inconsolable I can put her on her changing table and she stops crying and just stares at the painting on her wall of my Mother as a child, that one part of the day when both children are asleep (right now), how the amusing and awe-inspiring definitely outweigh the aggravating stuff, and how when I woke up this morning I dedicated my day to God and gave Him thanks for everything in my wonderfully crazy yet totally awesome life.
Thought I’d try something new. Let me know if you liked it.
That is all 🙂






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