3 Facts for the Day

11 01 2013

1. Random thought for the day. I was watching ID channel (Investigation Discovery) and one of their stellar detective shows, when it occurred to me that instead of using planted listening devices for surveillance, that they should just employ kids. They could train them at the FBI Headquarters in Virginia and then use them throughout the world to infiltrate crime rings. I know what you’re thinking. Crazy, right? Just hear me out. Whenever you’re having a conversation with another adult and especially if it contains mature content; who hears every word, memorizes it, and proceeds to repeat it precisely as stated? Answer: your child. They’re like secret agents only better. They look completely innocent as they’re playing in depth with a toy, humming to themselves. You would never imagine that their superior recording mechanism of a brain is catching every morsel of your private convo. They’re desperately honest, so there’s no fear of distorting evidence for their own personal gain. You could pay them in candy and as long as Dora is on in the background, they’ll work a case as long as you need them to. I really think I’m onto something.
2. I love pictures, and by this I mean photography. I love taking them. I love capturing moments. I love looking at them. I’m not the kind of person who just saves them on my computer either. I love to print them and put them in a photo album. Something about turning the pages of memories is unequaled. I suppose I got it from my mother. She took photos of us and placed them in numerous albums over the years. I’m proud to actually have a number of those precious memories she collected in my home now. I love pictures so much that for Christmas I actually asked Ben to print the pics off my phone as my present. That may not seem like a big present. Well it is when you have over 800 pictures, and that’s after three different sessions of trying to narrow them down and delete some. Last night and today, I’ve used baby nap time as an opportunity to put my photos in albums. It’s so enjoyable to me to look back on the moments in time I captured over the past year and a half. Chloe has grown so much! I do believe she has always done funny things. Seeing pics of her wearing my underwear or dusting the floor; remembering back when she was Bailey’s size! I see photos of her first Halloween costume and her first Christmas jumper. I see ones capturing her first messy meal of spaghetti. There’s one of her first Mohawk made by shampoo in the bathtub! I love my pictures. I love my memories. I might want to try to narrow them down though in the future if I’m gonna fit 20 years or so worth of photo albums in this house.
3. I was thankful for the unseasonably mild weather. Today was proving to be stressful, just a little bit. Bailey remains congested and therefore fussy. I haven’t been able to put her down today. She wouldn’t stay asleep on her own more than 20 minutes. Chloe on the other hand, feeling much better, was climbing the walls. She insisted on following me all day. So if I left a room seeking silence to put the baby down, she would ultimately show up just as eyes were closing and burst out with “want some tea Momma?” Then she would line up an entire tea party set, complete with plates of dessert, on the arm of the rocking chair. I don’t know why Bailey couldn’t rest with a spout poking her head. I decided some fresh air might help the baby, and a walk would do wonders for my Tasmanian devil. We simply walked around the block, but after a week of solitary confinement in our germ bed, it was like a vacation to the beach. Bailey slept in the carrier strapped to my chest and Chloe ran, skipped, sang, and puddle jumped. After Chloe successfully soiled her pants and shoes, I went ahead and let her finish the day off in her sandbox. She’s now in the bath for the second time today, but it was well worth it. Come on Spring!
That is all 🙂






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