3 Facts for the Day

13 01 2013

1. I often sit down to write this blog and have no idea exactly what will come out. I may have a general idea, but that may be it. I’ll have had a busy day, when I look at the time and realize I should put my thoughts down to share. Now is one of those times. I just got back from Walmart and I’m beat! While the trip outside of the house was much needed; it was also exhausting. My Aunt came with me. This was a big help. I told her as we were packing up the car, that a trip to the store with young children is like going on a long vacation. I don’t mean vacation as in a relaxing time at the beach. No, I’m referring to the packing and lugging of bags that’s required. A trip away from home with an infant requires taking along a mini-suitcase called a diaper bag. It’s not just diapers and wipes. You need a change of clothes in case of diaper leakage or excessive spit-up. Bring some burp clothes to clean up that spit up. An extra blanket is a good idea. Don’t forget the sling in case you need to carry little one in the store. You’ll also need the nursing cover for public breastfeeding. She’ll never make it till you’re back home and you don’t want to make that old man near layaway faint at the glimpse of your bare breast! She’s been sick, so bring along an arsenal of meds she probably won’t need, but just might. Then you gotta bring along that nasal aspirator. I’m lucky I breastfeed; otherwise I’d be packing bottles, formula, and sterile water too. Diaper rash cream. Pacifier. Gas drops. I’m sure I’m forgetting to list something, just like you inevitably forget to pack something in the bag. And guess what. That will likely be the item you need. And that’s just Bailey. Chloe still requires a bag too, but luckily smaller with less contents. Still, she requires a bag with diapers and wipes. Gotta bring along a cup of water. Snacks in little zip lock bags are always a good idea. Some little special toy to keep her occupied in case of emergency, never hurts to bring along. Then I insist on carrying my own diaper bag that most of us ladies refer to as a purse. I know my wallet, sunglasses, and Chapstick are requirements, but I think it’s all the Walmart receipts that I allow to collect in there that make it so heavy. As if my armloads of bags aren’t enough, I’ll also be lugging the infant car seat to hold Bailey in case by some small chance she remains asleep throughout the shopping journey. We all know she’ll end up in my arms before we even get to the dairy section. I suppose it’s a great exercise plan for early 2013 to get off the excess baby weight. Right?!
2. Bailey is napping right now. She’s rested well today. I’m pretty sure that’s because she’s exhausted from keeping me occupied all night last night. Well, thankfully, it wasn’t all night. But it felt like it at the time. She is still a little sick, but I think other things were going on too. The fantabulous growth spurt! She nursed all day yesterday! I was worried at one point that I might be empty of milk. That’s saying a lot for this dairy cow. I make so much milk that I could feed triplets, donate some, and still probably have to worry about my excessive let-down choking my infant with the powerful spray that ejects during most feeding sessions. She ate that much. I think this caused a little tummy upset. She also had trouble sleeping all day. She never slept more than 20 minutes at a time. So by 5:30 yesterday evening she was fit to be tied (as my granny used to say)! She cried off and on until 1:00 am. More on than off I can assure you! It frayed my nerves a bit. Strike that. It frayed my nerves a lot. I felt like I had to pray for forgiveness before bed for getting so frazzled! Today she’s rested well, and I can assume from previous experience that this means she will sleep well tonight. It always seems like a bad night is followed by a good one. I’ve said that before and I still believe it to be true.
God’s grace.
3. It’s still a learning experience taking care of a toddler and infant. I’ll think I’m making headway, then I get knocked down a peg or two! I’m certain if camera crews could film my day, it would make for an amusing reality TV show. If the baby is fast asleep and I put Chloe in the bath, I can rest assured that she will wake up right when the water is out of the tub and Chloe is wet and ready to get out. If I have just gotten the baby to sleep, I can rest assured that this will be a time that Chloe will call out to me from the other side of the house in a tone of voice that elicits concern that injury might be present. I decided to cook eggs for Marlie, Chloe, and myself this morning. Bailey was asleep. She woke once I had the skillet hot and ready and Chloe on a chair by the stove in front of a glass bowl of egg yolks and milk. Step one: remove toddler from chair by potential accident either from burn, cut, or fall. Step two: strap crying infant into from carrying pack to keep her occupied while breakfast is prepared. Step three: don’t bang her little head on refrigerator door! I didn’t get step three right. Don’t worry people. It wasn’t a hard bang, just a little knock, and not on her soft spot. Knocked me down a peg, for sure. Ben tells me I try to do too much. Maybe he’s right. Or maybe I just need more practice. By the time we’re ready to try for a boy; I’ll have it all figured out. Right?!
That is all 🙂





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