3 Facts for the Day

18 01 2013

1. I can’t believe it’s already 6:30 pm. Time is such a crazy thing. Why does it seem to fly by the older you get. I never remember it going so fast when I was a child. Even when I was in my twenties, it didn’t seem like the months flew by like they do now. Looking at my recently printed pictures, I see a fat baby Chloe in the images from when we bought the house. It doesn’t seem like we’ve lived here long enough for Chloe to go from chubby, bald baby to a skinny, tall, long-haired little girl. But apparently we have! It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since I got my hair cut and highlighted, but my roots tell a different story! I said to Ben yesterday, “I hate my hair when it gets like this! Look at these dark roots!” He replied, “I don’t understand why you don’t dye that part too.” Y’all, he was serious! I said, “Are you serious?!” And he just looked confused. I explained that was where my hair had grown. It also doesn’t seem like 6 weeks has gone by since Bailey was born. But guess what; it has! Today I had had 6 week appt. with my OB-GYN. The past 6 weeks have flown by and I’m kinda mad about it. During the majority of the time we were dealing with a lot of sickness. Now that both children are feeling better and Bailey is starting to smile and interact with me, it’s time for maternity leave to end. My Dr. asked me “Are you ready to go back to work?” That’s like when the card processor at the store flashes up the question “amount ok?” When my bill at Walmart is so much higher than expected; I always want to press No to see what would happen. It was the same with the Dr’s question. I said no to wanting to return to work, but yes to needing to return to work.
2. I took my return to work slip by my job. I had left Chloe with my Mother-in-Law, but took Bailey with me. She was very good. She’s an excellent baby overall. During my appt. she napped in her carrier. I have a white noise app on my phone that I played as we waited. During the appt. she simply stared up at the Nurse as the Dr spoke to me. When I took her into the hospital, I wore her in the sling. It’s always kinda fun to see the reaction of people seeing a little baby strapped to my chest. I really enjoyed showing her off. She was a little star that shined so bright. She smiled, cooed, and slept sweetly with her cute little baby booty sticking out. It was nice to see familiar adult faces of work friends and speaking with them, laughing together, made the thought of my return seem a little better.
3. My little sister came by to see me after we got back home. Today is her 22nd Birthday. That is just an astronomical example of how time can fly by. It’s insane that a baby girl I held is now 35 weeks pregnant with her own little baby. I’ve enjoyed sharing a pregnancy with her and even though I know the time will fly by way too fast; I look forward to seeing our children grow up together. I talked with her about her impending new baby and joked about constant crying in infants. In all seriousness, I know she will do well. I know she will soon be able to experience the joy that comes with the work of having a child. I’ve tried to explain to her how your heart changes with a child and you develop a love feeling like you never knew possible. I also explained how you will daily say things you never thought would come out of your mouth. Today I said, “Get the horse off your sister’s head.” Yesterday it was, “Get out of the bath and get that spoon out of your poonie.” I am daily experiencing new, deeper, more challenging, and more rewarding aspects of being a Mommy. Some aspects you want to go fast. Others you want to slow down. I’m just thankful that God gave me this special gift and entrusted me with the job of loving these girls and showing them His character.
That is all 🙂





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