3 Facts for the Day

18 01 2013

1. I really think I could write an entire blog daily just on Chloeisms (the amusing thinks my toddler says/does). It’s never a dull moment with a toddler. Sometimes it laughable, while other times you want to scream in frustration. Since the arrival of the new baby, I think I tend to savor Chloe’s idiosyncrasies a little bit more than I did. This morning while I was rocking the baby to sleep, she decided she didn’t want to wait any longer for a bath. So she stripped down naked and joyfully ran around the room yelling “I love being necked!” Then she fell onto the floor shrieking, “Look Momma!” She was throwing her legs up above her head like some kind of yoga pose. I said “Wow, I wish I could do that.” She replied, “You can’t do it cause you’re a Momma. Only big girls can do it.” She leaves me speechless quite often. I put her in the bath. As I started to wash her hair she screamed, “No Momma. Don’t wash my hair. I wanna be the stinky kid!” Yes, she’s really only two and no, I have no idea where she gets this stuff. I washed it anyway and she started screaming “Hola!” Not sure why she thought screaming hello in Spanish would make me waver. After the bath, she wanted to eat again. First, I have no idea how she stays so darn skinny. Secondly, am I the only Mom who feels like I’m constantly making food? It’s like my day is divided into meal and snack times, especially with feeding the sweet little vampire every two hours. Chloe now things she can read and will tell me what the directions on the food packages say. The little princess also insists on eating her chicken nuggets with a fork. Yep. Never a dull moment.
2. I spent a little while balancing the checkbook earlier and paying a few bills. I haven’t had time to keep up with it as much as I would like, so I had some catching up to do. (Like it’s not already my least favorite thing to do). It’s hard to balance and thing ahead very well. I’ll start getting a check again in the next couple of weeks, but my back payments of insurance will be garnished from my pay, so I’m not sure it will be much of a check at all. As I balanced, I noticed all the deposits from Ben’s check and felt proud to have such a hard working partner. I have always been so self reliant financially in the past. Disability was certainly not as good as I hoped it would be. So I found myself really depending on my spouse to be able to provide for the family. I’ve always depended on me! Haha. Laughable. I’ve enjoyed this growing experience for me. I’ve learned to put more trust in God to provide. I’ve learned to allow my husband to take the wheel and provide for me. It’s been wonderful to relinquish that control. I’ve seen God mold us both, lift us up where needed, and put us (me really) in our place as needed too. I think that as I’ve learned to rely on my spouse, it has in turn given him joy and a much needed sense of pride in being the leader of our family. I love watching God work in our relationship and strengthen our bond, while helping us to grow together in Him.
3. I think we all have dreams or desires for certain things in our life. Some are big, some are small. We often call out to God about these things. We pray about it, without ceasing, right? Just last night, Ben was talking to me about the Father Heart of God. He said that God loved us like we loved our girls, and that He would do anything for us like we would our girls. But sometimes Chloe may ask us for something that we know she’s not quite ready for yet. That easy bake oven may burn her. I have been praying to God about a desire I have. I asked Him this morning, as I dedicated my day to Him, that He speak to me about it. The first verse I read was in my Bible app as the verse for today; Psalms 46:10. Be still and know that I am God. First you should know that this is a very personal verse to me that God has used in the past to speak to me. When Chloe was around 7 months old, I was struggling with a personal/professional issue. I had been praying about it a lot. As I put Chloe down for a nap at that time, I felt like He spoke to me saying “See how that baby squirms about, fighting sleep. That is you. You’re just like that baby. You need to be still and know that I am God.” He brought that verse back to me several times over the next few months. I remember being in a meeting at work. I was getting frustrated at how things were proceeding. A co-worker passed me a note under the table. It said, Be still and know that He is God. I had not told her about this at all. God answered my prayer then, in His perfect timing, after I learned to be still and trust Him. I was comforted this morning when He reminded me of the power of this verse in my life and how He can move. The next devotional I read featured Hebrews 10:36. Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised you. Wow. Isn’t God amazing?! I certainly think so. This comfort and peace comes to me just when I need it. I will be still. I will trust. I will continue to seek Him first, and watch His blessings pour into my life.
That is all 🙂





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