3 Facts for the Day

20 01 2013

1. These facts will likely be shorter than usual, for I am bone tired. Today was my first day back to work. I got up quite early, earlier than usual, even for a work day. I have to fall back into, not just getting myself ready, but giving the time to nurse the baby and pump the rest for a bottle. She was fast asleep when my alarm went off, so cute swaddled up tight. As soon as I got out of the shower, I could hear her crying. Poor Ben. I went to her with my wet hair in a towel. My plan was to fill her little tummy and send her to snoozeville. Nope. She was wide eyed and I had to pass the torch so I could finish getting ready. I felt bad for Ben. As I was getting ready to leave, I peeked in on everyone and prayed for them all. Ben and Chloe were cuddled up together in bed. Bailey was asleep in her bassinet and had a huge grin on her face; a big open mouthed, gummy grin. It tugged at my heart. So hard to leave! As I gathered my coffee and bags and pulled the back door shut, I heard the baby start crying. So hard to leave!
2. Well, it wasn’t too bad of a day! I prayed myself up and heard a good song on the way to work. My passwords were all expired right off the bat. I had forgotten to buy some of the breakfast bars I like to eat on work days. Too bad I did, since I didn’t eat the first time until 4:30 this afternoon. That is typical lunch time for a nurse; if you get lunch at all. I will not for privacy reasons go into details about my patients, but they were definitely worthy of a stay in a critical care unit! One patient was very sick and kept me on my toes and very busy. I tried to keep an optimistic attitude though. After all, he did stabilize in time for me to get my charting done. It could have been much worse. I actually thought it was good for me to have such a critically ill patient on my first day back, for it boosted my confidence in my abilities to handle such a situation. But I am truly thankful for the helping hands of my co-workers through it all! Several times through the day, I would feel my chest tingle and know that it was time for Bailey to eat. Made me kinda sad. I did make time to pump, for Bailey’s sake and mine. Once right before a pumping session, I was pushing an empty wheelchair with an IV pole on it and ran into the door frame, knocking the pole into my full breasts. Ouch! Wouldn’t recommend that one. Overall, though, my first day back was not near as bad as I had feared. God answers even the simplest of prayers.
3. Once you have kids, going home after work is never the same. I left the hospital in the small car and made my first stop at Ben’s work to switch vehicles. He had the SUV with carseats. I next went to pick up Bailey. I was relieved that she did so well today. Chloe had never been a fan of the bottle and I always feared she’d starve rather than take a bottle. No worries there with Bailey. My little chubby likes milk however she can get it; and all day according to my Mother-in-Law. We packed up and headed home where my Aunt was watching Chloe. Those two had played all day and Chloe was full of stories about her day. She talks so fast and is so hyper after I’ve been away at work. But I didn’t mind a bit. Ben is home now and we have a little time together. You wanna know the best thing. I only have one day left, then I’m back to Mommy duty for a week.
That is all 🙂





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