3 Facts for the Day

22 01 2013

1. My poor husband is outside trying to play with his dog. It’s cold out there and it’s almost dark. It’s only 5:30, but dusk is in full swing. I am ready for Summer. If we weren’t both so close to our families, I would definitely suggest to Ben that we move even further down South, to the beach. The warm sun just makes me feel good. I love how the days seem longer. I love how Chloe gets to play outside and look so healthy with some color on her face. I feel like I’m getting some chest congestion again too, and am ready for this season of sickness to pass on by. Ben has Monday only, to get his “man stuff” done outside and we usually end up going somewhere together during the day. By the time we get home, daylight is gone. The dog needs to play. Chloe wants to play. My boxes of Christmas decorations want to be put up in the shed. There’s still 24 hours in a day, but the lack of sunshine makes everyone a little sleepier and you somehow get less done that you can on a day in June.
2. Where did we go during our daylight outing? Where else do you go in a small Southern town? Walmart of course! It is Chloe’s favorite destination. She rode the tiny carousel as always. She also thinks that the McDonalds in Walmart is better tasting than the full size McDonalds across town. She is such a joy to take on a shopping excursion. She thinks she is too big to sit in the cart and insists on riding on the back. Since I can’t see over the infant carrier on the front of the cart, it’s a constant battle to watch and not run her over when she jumps off. She’s started constantly saying “Watch Momma!” So she’s always doing some stunt she believes to be truly fascinating to see. “Watch Momma!” So I watch as she skips blindly into the main aisle barely missing a run-in with another shopper’s cart. Then Bailey wakes and is ready for a feeding. I found myself wondering why so many men were walking past me while I was on a bench nursing the baby. Then I looked up and realized I was sitting in front of men’s work boots. Next time I’ll take position across from the fuzzy house shoes instead. Bailey took it all in stride. She is getting very fun now, having grown out of the newborn stage. She smiles all the time! She can mostly hold up her head on her own. Ben and I got the two items we needed and also a cart full of things we didn’t go there for (like new crayons, a coloring book, and hair bows).
3. We also went by the movie store. After the girls go to bed, we’ll have our date night in the bedroom. I’m gonna make a cake from scratch I saw on Pinterest today. Popcorn, cake, movie, my sweetie; sounds good to me. I noticed that the young fella in the movie store has been working there since Ben and I got married. He has seen us come in there as a dating couple, then newly weds, me pregnant with Chloe, and us carrying Chloe in the infant carrier. Now he sees Chloe running around and a new baby in the same carrier. My main thought about the whole thing though was how impressed I was at a young guy keeping the same job for so long. I guess I was a job hopper as a kid. In high school and college I worked at several places: Sonic, Kmart, JCPenney, Shoney’s, Chuck E Cheese, Lowes, Renasant Tower, 2 different hospitals, Waffle House, a furniture factory (for four hours!), a pipe factory (liked that one actually). The Navy finally took the jumping bean out of my pants. Maybe I was looking for my place in this world. Maybe God was trying to get me to where He wanted me to be, but I wasn’t listening yet. I still think He’s got plans beyond what I could imagine. But what’s different now from then, is that I try to be still and allow Him to open and close doors in my life rather than running and searching. Even when a storm comes in your life, it may just be God’s wind blowing you somewhere new.
That is all 🙂





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