3 Facts for the Day

22 01 2013

1. Chloe was playing with my phone earlier. I have an app on there that I got when she was just a baby. They touch a picture of an animal and then it says the animal’s name and makes the animal sound. She chose to play that game today instead of something else. As I watched her play, I recalled a video I took of her playing it before. She was holding onto a table to keep herself standing, and every time an animal made a sound, she would bust out laughing with that bubbly, baby laugh. Today as she played, she would say “Watch Mom. I like the cat. I don’t like the bison. It scares me.” Quite different reaction. This is just another reminder that my baby is growing too fast. She’s over there eating Doritos for goodness sake! I never imagined, not long ago, giving her Doritos (too much of a choking hazard). Even as she wipes her Doritos hands all over her shirt and the sofa, I see Bailey wearing a sleeper Chloe used to wear and it’s almost incomprehensible. I can’t believe how big my 1st baby is getting. And this comes to me on a day of such hormonal stability that I found myself crying over 5 different things I saw on Facebook this morning, in the space of 20 minutes or so.
2. On the other side of the coin, I gotta remember that Chloe is still only two, and therefore demands/requires my utmost attention. Around 1:00 today, I realized that all three tv’s in the house were playing Dora. I took a stand, and despite Chloe’s objections, I put the TV on my DVR of American Idol to watch as I nursed the baby. Chloe went to my room to watch TV. After a few minutes, my Mommy sense whispered in my ear “she is very quiet back there.” I took Bailey balanced on the Boppy, still nursing, into my room and found Chloe on the bed with a pile of nicotine gum beside her. She had found this forgotten treasure in Ben’s nightstand. She showed me where she got it. It was right next to three different pocket knives. She didn’t get any of the double wrapped gum packets or difficult to operate knives open, but it was a nice enough reminder to me that I must still remain diligent over my toddler despite being busy with a 6 week old infant. As I was writing this, I smelled something poignantly wafting from her room. She had her older sister’s perfume she got for Christmas. It had been pushed to the back of the dresser so I curiously wondered aloud how she got a hold of it. She quickly said “watch” and proceeded to pull out the dresser drawer and use it like a step stool. I got some busy months ahead of me people.
3. Aside from being super emotional today, I am also really tired. Since Sunday I’ve noticed some mild, nagging congestion in my chest. It reminds me of what I had while Chloe and Ben had the flu. I’m not really surprised that I keep getting sick. I’m not getting adequate rest and my infant sucks the immunity out of me every two hours. I’m not complaining though. I know it will get better soon enough. This morning when Bailey started stirring at 7:30, I will admit I was not ready to get up. Bailey is a different baby than Chloe was. If Chloe was upset or crying, whether it was boredom or whatever, I would nurse her. She would eat and fall asleep. I ended up with a fat baby who only wanted her Momma’s boobie. It was my solution to everything that ailed her. Well Bailey only nurses if she’s hungry. If she’s sleepy more than she’s hungry, she will cry if I try to nurse her. This requires me to use other means of comfort and entertainment. As a result, when she’s ready to wake up, I can’t nurse her back to sleep like I could Chloe. We gotta get up and go play till she’s ready to go back to sleep. It’s not bad or anything. She smiles the whole time. My point right now is that I was not feeling it this morning. Enter the amazing spouse. He took her before he had to go to work and I got another hour of sleep! I let him sleep in yesterday, but I’m glad that he’s the kind of guy to repay the favor. I’ll have him a nice dinner when he comes home. Teamwork.
That is all 🙂






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