3 Facts for the Day

25 01 2013

1. My little, big girl is giving me a run for my money the past couple of days. She continues to astound, amuse, and aggravate me to no end. I’ve been impressed lately with her growing ability to draw circles and color somewhere within the vicinity of the lines. I, of course, try to see the creativity developing and young talent abounding, but this is difficult when she practices on my coffee table. She also decided to color the floor of her new doll house and the arms of her Dora chair. I have no idea when she managed to do this. When questioned, she seems to find it perfectly reasonable and normal to color these objects. She’s so good at arguing her justification that I almost find it difficult to correct such behavior. She truly seems to not understand why it’s a problem. Then I remind myself she’s only two. So we put away her crayons. Yes, again. I know. We’ve done this before! Her response to her punishment: “But I wanna color with them!” Ben said this morning that she’s like a little teenager, just going and getting whatever she wants. She gets in the pantry and gets what she wants to eat. She has learned to scoot the kitchen chairs up to the counters to get to the normally out of reach items. I got a little freaked out at the possible prospects after I realized she had used a chair to reach her Flintstone vitamins and was able to remove the childproof cap to get to the “candy.” Crisis was averted there. I told Ben we’re child proofing more now than we had to when she was a baby. When corrected, she again tries to justify and argue her way out of any wrong doing. We threaten corporal punishment while trying not to laugh out loud at her wit. Just this moment, I go to her room to put in a DVD for her that she wants to watch and discover she’s been trying to do it herself, again. We put the movies up and out of reach last week, but she’s somehow managing to reach them and get them down. Little tiny finger prints on my Disney classics! Ugh. Heaven help me. I just cannot take my eyes off her it seems.
2. Today I went and picked up my little Sis to spend the day with us. I had such a good time with the adult company, that I wondered why we don’t get together more often. I could spend every free moment I have doing laundry or something similar, but that’s no fun. She is in her 9th month of pregnancy. Even with my most recent pregnancy being so fresh in my mind, I think we women all too easily forget how tired and sore you get. I suggested to her a trip to Walmart, not even thinking that she may not be up for such a venture. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. And no, I don’t go there everyday! (Just every other day). Thankfully, she humored me and went along. I continue to enjoy watching her grow into a woman and look forward to her upcoming journey with motherhood.
3. Earlier I had a complete freak out, meltdown, calgon take me away, I can’t handle this, kinda moment. Since the arrival of Bailey and her crying, Chloe has taken to crying at the drop of a hat. If it works for the baby; right? Today was an especially tearful day. Along with that fun, was a blatant disregard of my authority. She has been disobeying and testing me all day. When we got home from dropping off my Sis, both girls were tired and fussy. I left the groceries in the jeep and immediately fed Bailey. She followed the feeding with a crying jag. She was inconsolable. As I patted and paced, Chloe shut her door. I went to check on her and it was obvious she was taking a poop. Since she was already started, I let her continue and with privacy. Minutes later I peeked in. The baby is screaming. Chloe had climbed on the dresser and gotten into her big sister’s perfume. I set down screaming baby and Chloe got in trouble. Back to consoling baby. The next minute I hear Chloe say “It’s doodoo!” I see brown on her white shirt. Yes. She has decided to finger paint with her own poop. Baby is still screaming. Regrettably, I actually called my husband and told him I was gonna kill the children. He knew I didn’t mean it, but as I sat in the recliner with the crying baby and a naked Chloe in the floor (recently scrubbed clean), I heard him pull into the driveway. He assured me work was slow, so it wasn’t a problem for him to leave, but I felt horrible. No mother of the year award there! Ahhh. Chloe is in Ben’s lap, no doubt happy for the attention. A smirking baby sits in mine. Remember when I’ve often said”never a dull moment.”? Well, there ya go. Please feel free to laugh or even say “I remember days like that!” I know I’ll look back on this one day and do the same. One day.
That is all đŸ™‚






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