3 Facts for the Day

27 01 2013

1. Want to know one of the most useless things we do in life, that never has the desired outcome? Worry. I don’t know why we humans insist on worrying. Even if you have this awesome relationship with The Lord, built on faith, that positively teaches the opposite behavior; we still worry. It’s like my kid picking her nose or putting small objects in her mouth. I can tell her repeatedly not to do it, but she’s compelled. We too, children in our own way, worry even when God’s word tells us not to. Psalm 55:22 – Cast your cares upon The Lord and He will sustain you. Don’t you hate it when you know something, but you act like you don’t.
2. The baby slept so good last night and so, in turn, did I. I remember feeding her around 2 am, then again at four. It comes so natural in the early morning, that it hardly seems like I fed her at all. I fed her a little bit at 5, then again at 6. I suppose I wanted to make sure she had a full tummy before I left for work. When I went to pump a little after 6, before heading to work, I was surprised that I could only pump 1-2 ounces. What is going on, I thought! I can always pump Ben a bottle full before I go. I worried my pump was malfunctioning. I worried something was wrong with my milk supply. When I think about going to work, and especially when I actually leave for work, I feel concern, bordering on worry for my children. Will Ben hear the baby cry? Will my Aunt realize Chloe is getting into everything and must be watched? Will the baby take a bottle ok?
3. I prayed. I prayed for my pump. I prayed for my milk supply. I prayed for my children. I prayed for their safety. I prayed that whoever was watching them would hear God’s voice. I prayed Bailey would take the bottle. When I checked on the baby this morning at work, Ben said she slept from the time I left until he had to go to work. Guess that full belly worked. When I pumped at work, all was a dairy farm success. Bailey ate like a champ and was sleeping contently when I picked her up. Chloe was an angel per her MeeMo, and all her bones remained intact in my absence. My kids were fine without me. Worry is fruitless. I say that now. We’ll see how I feel in the morning. I think loving concern is good. Worrisome fear, not so much. I’m a work in progress.
That is all 🙂





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