3 Facts for the Day

30 01 2013

1. It’s a rare quiet moment around here. Both girls are napping. Ben was here for a break from work, but has now returned. I could tell he was tired. He’s really been an important part of this parenting team. At this point in young Bailey’s life, I spend a lot of my time and energy caring for her. Breastfeeding makes this even more true. She also seems to sleep best at night when I sleep with her; just like Chloe did as an infant. This has made Chloe and Ben bedtime buddies. Where I used to read to her before bed; he now rocks her to sleep playing a game together on his phone. They often fall asleep together rocking in that chair and I’ll wake at 2 am and still see them there. So Ben is getting as little sleep as I. Last night he really couldn’t sleep. While the girls and I snoozed away, he sat up watching the radar and listening to weather reports. He felt it was his duty to stay up and stand guard for the impending storm, to insure all our safety. It wasn’t the tornado siren that woke me, but rather my husband saying we needed to move to safety. He had placed pillows in the hall floor. He carried a sleeping Chloe there and I scooped up a sleeping Bailey from her swing. We all lay dozing in the hall, while Daddy scanned the radar and paced. I never felt worry or fear. I prayed for God’s protection. I felt peace that He heard my prayers, and knew He had sent me my own little weather bodyguard in the form of my hubby.
2. Today I pulled out the ole Wii Fit game. It’s about time to get back on the diet wagon and try to regain my pre-pregnancy figure. I’ve got a P90X DVD, but I figured I better not kill myself. I was outside with Chloe and Ben yesterday while Bailey napped. I ran around with Chloe and played with the dog. When I was bent down petting the puppy, I realized that my muscles and joints are still not back to normal. I feel stiff and not like myself. That being said, I decided to start off my exercise regimen easy with the Wii Fit and advance to P90X when I was more capable of doing it without injuring myself or risking my uterus falling out onto the floor. I’m glad I did, cause some of those yoga poses stung. My spine has been hurting where I got my epidural and I hope the yoga stretches will help. Hindsight: I wish I would of just continued on with the breathing and forgot about the epidural. I know now I could of done it. Maybe next time. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to do 35 minutes straight before the baby woke up and Chloe went insane wanting her turn on the balance board. Perhaps I can manage to exercise inside until weather improves enough for outdoor activity.
3. I really enjoyed running around outside with Chloe yesterday. Then playing Wii with her today was great as well. It’s really hard for me sometimes taking care of the baby, when I feel like I’m neglecting my little buddy. I think I’m doing ok giving her quality time with me. I know I meet her basic needs definitely, but that’s where the rest starts to crumble. Some days, when the baby is asleep, I find myself trying to fit in laundry and such at those times. I have to remind myself to just go play dolls instead. It never seems like there’s enough time to get done everything I want to do, and give Chloe playtime. Then I think about if I’m giving her the proper learning time she needs for her age. Then I remember that I need to chill out worrying about all of that. I realize Bailey is still very small, and that things are getting a little easier every day. It’s a challenge, but I’m up for it. Thank you to all my readers who have been here before, but don’t straight laugh at my face for all the worrying and complaining I do. Hang in there with me, and enjoy a laugh at my expense, if you must. Oh, and say a prayer for me, and definitely one for the rest of my gang.
That is all 🙂





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