3 Facts for the Day

31 01 2013

1. Sometimes I wonder about the level of manipulative intelligence that my toddler possesses. If this was still the Cold War era, I might fear she was a KGB operative planted in my home. She’s always watching and listening. When I’m speaking to another adult, I look over and she’s just staring, intently listening. Then she turns away, back to her toy or whatever, like she’s not absorbing every detail. I know she hears everything and files it away to reuse when she needs it. Last night she was crying and screaming when Ben got home. As a side note, she was screaming because I told her to sit on the couch after she had found a package of markers and drawn on her hands. When Ben came home and exclaimed, “Why are you crying?!”; she replied, “I’m just tired is why.” She had a wonderful nap. She was not tired. She was repeating an excuse she had heard me use with her Father to prevent a spanking when I didn’t think it was warranted. I used the word manipulative as well. An example: while at my mother-in-law’s, Ben asked her “who’s your best friend.” She replied my mother-in-law’s title “Nonnie.” The next day, I decided to test my theory when my Aunt came to visit us. I asked her “who’s your best friend?” She replied with my Aunt’s title “MeeMo.” (All the while grinning at my Aunt). Yesterday when we were alone, I asked her “who’s your best friend?” And she smoothly replied, “you are Mommy.” I’m thinking she has a future in politics.
2. Bailey, on the other hand, may have a future as a writer. She is always very reflective. She is also very dramatic in getting her point across. Often when she cries, it’s like she’s telling me a story, recounting the horror she just endured. Her diaper can be empty, her tummy can be full, and I can be rocking her intently, and she will look off into the distance and begin to fuss and tell me all about it. “Momma! You left me on that mat all by myself! I didn’t know if you were ever coming back! That little tornado you call my sister almost stepped on me! And what is up with that man called Dr. Phil on the moving picture screen?! I can’t watch that crap!”
3. Bailey is actually really easy to care for. She sleeps. She eats. She smiles. She can scream like a skinned cat, but she settles down easily enough. Usually, just picking her up and holding her close, will do the trick. She gets fussy at the end of the day, but it’s because she’s sleepy. Get her to sleep, and you’re set till the next day. I would like to think that this easy rhythm we’ve discovered with each other will continue. She’s different from her sister Chloe in every way possible, all most laughably so. She’s a mild tempered brunette. Chloe is a feisty blonde. If Chloe cried as a baby, I nursed her. If I wanted Chloe to sleep, I nursed her. Bailey, on the other hand, only nurses if she’s really hungry. Chloe hated bottles. Bailey has no issue with them. Chloe didn’t like to be held by strangers. Bailey can appreciate a warm lap, whoever it may be. Chloe had to be held all the time. Bailey can stare at the wall and entertain herself. I love Chloe more than anything in the world. I worried I could not love another child as much, but I do! I can’t imagine life now without little Bailey. They are so different, but I love them both so much. If Chloe asked “who’s your best friend?”, then I suppose I would have multiple answers too. I’m a blessed woman for sure.
That is all 🙂





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