3 Facts for the Day

5 02 2013

1. Conversations with a 2 year old are always entertaining. Here is a script of one such conversation:
To set the scene; I’m bathing the baby and Chloe is “helping”.
Chloe – Mom, I want some eggs.
Me – Ok. I’ll make them when I finish.
Chloe – You make the eggs and I’ll make the toast and butter.
Me – Sounds good. Bailey, what do you wanna make?
Chloe – Momma, she’s a baby. She can’t make anything!!
Me – You’re right. I was just trying to include her in the conversation. What’s Daddy gonna make?
Chloe – Anything.
Me – Yeah. Daddy can do anything, can’t he? Super Daddy.
Chloe – No. He can just lay in the bed while we make eggs.
2. While watching TV, I saw the Sharon Osbourne Atkins diet commercial. I admit I was intrigued. I thought, “It wouldn’t hurt me to cut some carbs outta my diet!” The only reason I include my diet woes here is for shear amusement value. Anyone who is close to me knows I’m a walking carbohydrate. I sweat donuts and cry bagels. If I had a Living Will, I’d probably leave everything to my cakes, cookies, and pies. My Power of Attorney would be a loaf of bread. I strongly believe in carb loading before bed. Yet, for some reason I’m really wanting to try this low carb deal. Maybe I see it as a challenge, just to see if I can. Shortly after I decided, we went to our favorite store (Walmart) and bee-lined to Chloe’s favorite restaurant (McDonalds). As I stared up at the menu, I realized carb free items don’t fit in with my usual lifestyle. Surprisingly, I didn’t fold. I ordered a diet coke and watched Chloe and Ben eat. As I sit here writing this in H&R Block’s lobby, I was teased by the glimpse of a pack of candy in my purse. Curses! I ignore you sweet treat. We’ll see how long I can endure the torture.
3. Sadly, even when you make an appt. at H&R Block, you may end up waiting well over an hour. I had suggested to Ben last week that I file our taxes myself. He had replied “When would you have time to do that?” I could now reply “While I’m waiting for H&R Block to do them.” I did enjoy the people watching. After all, all kinds pay taxes. I certainly enjoyed the tired looking Mom who held her daughter in a vise grip hold in her lap as the kid swayed back and forth repeating the whiny mantra “I want McDonalds!” It made me thankful Ben had stayed at home with ours. The wait was almost like a vacation. I looked at Facebook without someone pulling my arm down and pleading “let me play game on your phone” and went to their bathroom and peed all by myself!
That is all 🙂





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