3 Facts for the Day

5 02 2013

1. Is there anything more grating on one’s nerves than a child without a nap? The poor kid is past the point of no return. She’s gone over the hump of being able to take a nap and still go to bed tonight, so we’re in it for the long haul until she passes out from shear exhaustion tonight. I don’t know about other toddlers, but mine becomes really annoying when she’s tired. She’ll do anything to stay awake. She eats an array of items attempting to satisfy her sleepiness like its hunger pains. We’ve had a banana, salad, hotdog, and fruit snacks in the past 15 minutes. Her ability to focus is shot, much like us adults. She is currently watching 2 TV shows, coloring, playing dolls, and randomly chewing on a plastic tea cup. Sounds like me trying to clean house, minus chewing on a plastic item. She looses any ability to listen to instruction and she says “no” a lot. “No” angers me, but I try to give her some slack knowing she’s like a person having an out of body experience, and has no control over the majority of her current actions.
2. I thought getting out of the house would do my little girl some good. I know the Vitamin D sunshine helps me. As I watched her running down the walking trail path, I thought how tuckered out she’d be and nap ready. Man, was I mislead. In parenthood, things seldom work out as planned. Best laid plans and all, right? It was a wonderful day though. So sunny and warm. Spring fever! We are enjoying it while it lasts. There’s not a lot of people at the park on a weekday, but I glimpsed other Moms pushing strollers like myself. We nodded as we passed like some secret society. I was amused at a Mom jogging with her toddler. I gotta give her props for the effort, but not sure how much she was able to keep her heart rate up consistently. Toddlers will run for a minute, but then they’re like a puppy. A stray cat is gonna catch their eye and they’ll bolt off in the wrong direction. And while they do make toddler leashes, you can’t pull back on one when your kid runs without capturing the stares of strangers.
3. Do you ever have an unexpected financial problem or need come up, and have an unexpected financial gain happen at the same time? It’s often the same credit you need to cover that debit. Have you ever had somewhere to go and get delayed, but then later find out you missed a horrible accident that could have caught you if you were on time? Do you ever hear an inner voice telling you “don’t go that way” or “don’t let them leave” or “now isn’t the time, wait”? Do you use words like coincidence or lucky? I don’t believe in either. As I’ve grown closer to God and my personal relationship with The Lord, I’ve stopped saying “lucky” and instead say blessed. I’m also more able to see God’s hand in every aspect of my life. Even when negative things happen, you can look at it another way and see where He is using it for your good. This may not always be so. Sometimes bad things happen and we won’t see the silver lining, so to speak. But I would encourage you to always look for it. It’s like a hidden picture. You may not see His influence on your life at first glimpse, but if you stare long enough, you’ll see it every time from there on out.
That is all 🙂





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