3 Facts for the Day (Murphy’s Law style)

8 02 2013

1. I’m sure most of you are familiar with Murphy’s Law. It basically states: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. For example, if you get a flat tire; it’s going to be in a remote location, raining, and you’ll be wearing your best, yet least functional shoes. Nothing shows off Murphy’s Law better than parenthood. If you want to sleep in, as I did this morning, your children will wake early, and nine times out of ten, earlier than usual. This morning I felt sure I could coax the little ones back to sleep if I cuddled them next to me, one on each side. Bailey (swaddled in pink and resembling a frantic caterpillar) was grunting and rooting my shoulder in search of more milk. Chloe was jabbering to my left with requests to watch Dora in the living room. I told her she could watch it in the bed and even put in on in a vain attempt to gain a precious few more minutes. Ever tried to sleep through a Spanish rendition of twinkle, twinkle?
2. Bailey turned 2 months old today. I gave her a bath and put on a cute outfit. I was thinking photo shoot! Once I got her all set up, Chloe crowded into the shoot in true jealous fashion. I took some of them both to make her feel special too (like Chloe’s entire existence isn’t a photo shoot already). Then Bailey really started grinning. So I started clicking away with joy. Then I discovered the root of her smiles. On her white onsie I spotted a liquid brown spot spreading up to her nipple line. Photo shoot complete. Back in the bath and a new outfit. I laughed. This is a perfect example of parenting at its best under Murphy’s Law conditions.
3. Yesterday I had something that was concerning me. To be quite honest, I was worried. I couldn’t see how it could work out really. I prayed about it. I spoke to my husband about it. I decided after I spoke with Ben, to just let it go and have faith that God would work it out. You all know this is something this control freak struggles with. Today I discovered it was taken care of. There’s no explanation that can logically explain why it turned out like it did, but miraculously, it did. God is faithful to right all wrongs. Remember when I’ve said He has our best interests at heart? I still believe it to be so. That being said, I suppose you could say I don’t really put much stock in ole Murphy’s Law after all. But, dang, kids will sure try to prove that theory true!!
That is all 🙂









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