3 Facts for the Day

10 02 2013

1. This morning as I was getting ready, I had a moment of good ole nostalgia. I flashed back to my teenage days of trying to sneak into the house past curfew. All the tiptoeing I did this morning brought it to mind. I had 4 people asleep in 1400 sq ft of space, so I was going from here to there, shutting doors, walking softly, and trying to mask loud noises of getting ready for work. I’m not sure which was scarier, waking a baby now, or waking my Dad back then. No disasters this morning; unlike as a teen when I turned my headlights off coming down the driveway and drove onto a metal culvert, splitting my tire in the process. It was definitely worse waking my Dad that time.
2. On Monday, I shared my plan to cut down on carbohydrates in my diet. You may not believe it, but this here Cookie Monster has adhered all week to no carbs. It seemed to work fine all week at home when I could make eggs and sausage for breakfast. Fast forward to today. 2 pm rolls around and I still hadn’t eaten. I felt dizzy, weak, tired, and my milk supply when I pumped was down. Finally ate a late lunch of meat and veggies, but I still had a headache and generally felt like garbage. Walk onto any nursing unit break room and you will likely find a box of donuts. That’s right. I fell off the wagon and it felt good!
3. Being a Nurse is always about helping people, giving care and compassion, and offering emotional and/or spiritual support. Often, as a Nurse, you can become so busy with the physical wellness, that the emotional and spiritual wellness are easily overlooked. Today I was super busy with the physical aspect of a patient. Family was present at the bedside and quite emotional. I felt God urging me to pray for them. So I silently did. But I still felt the urging. I asked them if I could pray with them and they agreed. After I finished and again before they left, the family thanked me for giving them spiritual support at the right time, just when they needed it. It felt good to encompass all aspects of my profession and life as a Christian. It made the carb withdrawal seem not as important after all.
That is all 🙂





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