3 Facts for the Day

11 02 2013

1. There are challenges to anything you do. If the benefit is greater than the challenge, you go with it. If the pros outweigh the cons, you proceed. Such is deciding to breastfeed your child, for me. As I sit here and allow two vacuum type devices to grab my breast and yank my nipples back and forth; I think on my baby’s face. Only a woman can put herself through such a thing. Imagine feeling akin to a dairy cow. Nothing is more delightful than being away from your baby while you work and becoming so busy that your breasts fill with milk to the point that you fear a needle stick would make them pop like a balloon. Insert sarcasm here.
2. When I lay in bed last night, all I could long for was sleep. Conditions weren’t favorable though. I had my infant daughter suction cup attached to my right breast (she had missed me terribly and needed Mommy’s flesh pacifier). My other daughter was cuddled in my left arm with her hand on my left breast. She still sees my breast as a security blanket in times of fear or when she’s exhausted. My poor husband sat in the corner looking sad, no doubt wondering if it would ever be his turn again.
3. I started these facts with saying when the good is better than the bad, you go with it. That is breastfeeding for me. It is challenging. It’s not always easy. I sometimes feel confined or chained to my baby. I can’t really diet. I still have to watch what medicines I take. The thing is, when I can look down on the angelic face of my baby, when I see her little fingers curl around my shirt, when I realize I am giving life and nourishment to my baby, when I experience the beautiful bond between us, and when she smiles back up at me; it is then that I know I wouldn’t have it any other way.
That is all 🙂





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