3 Facts for the Day

12 02 2013

1. It’s a boy! My baby sister had a baby. I feel so many emotions right now. I held her when she was a baby, and it seems almost strange to me that she is now having her own. Before we could see her, they sent a video of her holding little Jaxon. Her profile looked exactly like my Momma. I pictured Momma holding her 21 years earlier and I almost fell apart.
2. We were at the hospital about 12 hours. It made for a long day. I had Bailey. I was proud she did so well, but nursing all day on the calories derived from a bag of Doritos and Reese’s cups left me drained. I don’t know what people did in waiting rooms before smart phones. We all took turns sharing one charger. Thankfully my Dad didn’t electrocute himself using his pocket knife to remove the child proof device from the outlet. My brother said a hospital waiting room is like the Twilight Zone. After watching 13 hrs of The Weather Channel, I have to agree. I saw a proud new, young daddy in there. I smiled as he told someone on his phone, “Sorry dude. I gotta go. I got a baby to take care of now.”
3. When I walked into the delivery room, I was surprised to see my baby sister had been replaced by a woman. Her countenance had somehow changed. Her eyes showed a wisdom that had not been there before. I cried as I put my arms around her neck. “I’m so proud of you.” I said, pointing at her son, “Look what you did!” Already sounding like a Mom, she told me calmly, “Don’t cry.”
That is all 🙂





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