3 Facts for the Day

14 02 2013

1. My little independent thinker, aka notorious toddler, otherwise known as Chloe, has made the decision that she is ready to potty train. If I were trying to potty train her, I wouldn’t even bother to mention it. I would realize that any vain attempts by myself to try and sway her towards doing something to make my life easier would only result in a dramatic crash and burn, punctuated with many crying spells. In this instance though, upon waking this morning, she proclaimed, “I wanna wear panties today.” So she has. She peed in the potty all day. One part of me is surprised. Another part of me finds it completely in line with how she does things. All of me is proud of my ever growing baby.
2. Since Ben and I are like two big kids who can’t wait till Christmas morning to open our presents, we started celebrating Valentine’s Day today. Some will state it a silly holiday, saying you should show love to your significant other every day. I can agree with that, but when you never buy anything for yourself anymore and spend all your money on your kids; it’s a parent’s dream holiday. I try to not wait last minute to shop. In fact, I bought Ben’s gift last week. I realized I had forgotten the card, though, as I put my items on the conveyer belt. I bought a heart shaped pan and the ingredients for Chloe and I to make and decorate a cookie cake. First, Ben informed me this morning he was swearing off sweets. Then he came home from break with a very elaborate gift for me! Even though it was last minute, I have to admit I enjoyed shopping for gifts for my sweetie. As for the card, most stores were sold out except for ones for your three year old nephew. I ended up finding a suitable one at Kroger. He liked his presents and that was the best gift for me. Well, on second thought, the iHome dock I got was the best gift.
3. I was planning to spend some time with Chloe this week anyway, but the potty thing made me want to even more. I told her we were going on a date. We took Bailey to my Mother-in-Law’s and we were off. We went to Gooseberry and enjoyed yogurt complete with toppings. Chloe chose sprinkles and gummi bears for her chocolate yogurt. She then ran circuits around the drug store aisle, which I allowed for a short time. She helped me pick out her Dad’s gifts. And by help me, I mean she ran through the store hiding in between racks, climbing on displays, and forcing me to drag her by her arm across the floor as her little limp legs dragged the ground and she screamed “let me go!” I suppose I thought it a brilliant idea to go shopping at 6 pm after no nap all day and a gummi bear sugar crash. We kept going. In K-Mart, she donned a hat she called a “giddy-up hat” and sampled every item she could get her hands on. I had told her she could get something for peeing in the potty. I tried the keep walking trick. I circled around and followed her as she wandered aimlessly in that silly hat saying “I’m looking for my Mommy.” She was too enthralled by neon pink nail polish to be truly scared. She finally settled on a huge Dora coloring book. Our date had come to an end. My heart was happy when she stated in the car, “I don’t wanna go back to Nonnie’s. I wanna keep playing with you.” Before I could respond, she was asleep.
That is all 🙂





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