3 Facts for the Day

18 02 2013

1. It was an exhausting day at work. Some days are like that. Some days the patients are all a little bit sicker. Some days, the things that can go wrong, just do. Some days, the patients seem younger and younger, making you feel older and older. Some days, the family’s grief brings you down more than others. Some days, you just wanna question every decision you make, to insure it was the right one. Some days, you wonder if you’re cut out for this kind of work. And that makes you sad. Some days, you just want to cry. Simply put, some days, taking care of sick people is really hard! And some days, it’s harder than others.
2. I’ll throw a random fact at you. I shave my legs every day. I don’t care if I’m running late for work. It makes no difference when I’m working at home as a Mommy. I will find the time. I’ve had two instances in life where I wasn’t able to shave my legs. So I suppose the trauma changed me for life. The first was when I was a missionary in the interior of Guyana. There sometimes was no where to bathe, much less shave. I went 3 months straight without shaving. The second was in bootcamp. It’s hard to shave when you only have 60 seconds to shower in cold water with someone screaming at you the whole time. In both instances, when I finally could shave, I was already hearing little monkeys swinging on my hair trees, and as the razor cut, I could hear a tiny voice in the distance yell “timber”. So naturally, I now own stock in Gillette.
3. Isn’t it funny how you can be dead tired after a long day at work, but when you get home and realize you’re off the next day; you’re hit with a surge of excited energy. Sure it only lasts about 45 minutes at the most, but it’s just long enough to have a disco dance party with a two year old. The goal is always to keep the momentum going long enough to love on the kids for an adequate amount of time, but then put them to bed. The hope is that there’s still enough gas in your tank to keep you up long enough to converse with the hubby. (And anything else that may entail). Ben is currently winding Chloe down, while I work the sandman magic on Bailey. So, wish me luck.
That is all 🙂





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