3 Facts for the Day

20 02 2013

1. Children can certainly help you gain a new perspective on life. That’s a mighty vast subject, so let me narrow it down a bit. Children help you realize you can’t take anything for granted. Something as simple as eating a snack can become unobtainable. Usually, you’re hungry. You eat. That’s not always so with kids. Enter fussy baby. You can’t even put them down to fix a sandwich. You put them down long enough to fix a microwave Mac & Cheese for the other one, and the loud, screaming cry pierces your brain just enough to make you consider jumping through the kitchen window. So you do what you can and grab a box of reduced fat cheddar cheese bits (Kroger’s lovely version of the Cheezit). Reduced fat or not, it sounds awesome to your grumbly tummy. Alas, it sits beside you, but might as well be in Texas. One hand plugs the passy in baby’s mouth, while the other succumbs to carpal tunnel causing pats on the back. Where’s my third hand your brain screams. Just a taste of cheesy goodness would quell your appetite. Not for now Mommy. The babe’s eyes are closing, and you know any false move could disrupt the gravitational pull of the ensuing nap. Sadly, the snack must wait.
2. A question plagues me. How can a laundry basket fill so quickly? I know this isn’t just my home. I’ve heard other women comment on the same thing. It’s almost like Garfield’s lasagna pan. It never empties. So I know I have a baby and that’s multiple poop and spit up stained sleepers per day. Check. Chloe goes through 1-2 outfits, pajama, and currently a couple of pairs of panties per day. Check. Even if I just sit around the house, my clothes are gonna be stained by little people body fluids too. Check. We got Ben’s flour saturated work clothes. Check. But, still, it doesn’t add up. I do multiple loads throughout the day, and eventually get them folded and put away before bedtime. (Ok. Sometimes a few days lapses between wash and fold. And sometimes they just get worn right out of the clean pile). Yet when I wake up the next day, it seems that darn basket is full again. I’m beginning to think there’s an evil gnome who plays dress up in everyone’s clothes overnight, and then pees and rolls in food with them on before discarding them in my laundry basket at dawn. Anyway. I’ll write more later. I got laundry to do right now…
3. This fact is titled “what’s up with that?” I know. That’s a question. But it’s a fact that I ask myself that question daily. Chloe can pee in the potty, but refuses to poop in it. I’ve heard this is common, but it doesn’t make me feel any better when I clean poop out of her panties. What’s up with that? Chloe has been showing a renewed jealousy of the baby. When Bailey cries she tells me “Put her in the swing Momma. Let her cry.” When the baby cries, she chooses that moment to ask me questions, ask me to hold her, or ask me to get her something. She actually just hit the boppy pillow as I was feeding the baby and yelled “she’s not hungry!” Thought we were past the worst of that. What’s up with that? She’s even pulling the old bad kid routine again. She sassed me this morning, saying “Chloe’s the boss!” She’s telling me “no” way too much. She blew my mind today by telling me “I’m tired of you!” What’s up with that? Ben tells me I should spank her more. But I’m afraid if I spanked her every time, we wouldn’t do anything all day except give/get spankings. I suppose a better title would be “what’s up with my 2 year old?” And then as I wrote that question; I got my answer. She’s 2. I’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing. I’ll love her, discipline her, love her again, and repeat.
That is all 🙂





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