3 Facts for the Day

23 02 2013

1. I find myself in an interesting part of my journey with Christ. I feel like God is trying to tell me something, or perhaps prepare me for something. I can’t explain it really. I’ve noticed different devotionals, songs, and scriptures all seem to be pointing me towards something that I think will be quite profound when I figure it out. What I said there made me smile. There I go trying to figure things out for myself again. I pray, and ask for prayer, that I will hear God’s voice and His will for our life’s as He is ready to reveal it. Rather, may my eyes and ears be open. It gives me great joy to know God is alive and speaks. I feel that joy most days, thankfully. I suppose it’s that joy that causes me to react to life like I do. What else could explain how when I glimpsed myself in the rear view mirror and I was squinting, causing crow’s feet to multiply around my eyes, I smiled in spite of myself, seeing it as a sign of the experience God has granted me these 35 years. Whatever crossroads He may have in mind, I find myself excited at the prospect.
2. It’s no secret that I am daily amazed, amused, and more in love with my two year old. Right now I’m sitting in the driveway, almost afraid to get out of the jeep. Chloe is asleep back there. I want her to at least have a 20 minute power nap in if she’s gonna wake up when I move her. I’ve been trying to decide what’s worse; no nap or a late nap. Either you have a toddler up at 11 pm or one so whiny by 6 pm that you want to pull your hair out. I used to force her into an early nap, but that’s proved too difficult since the baby came. At least Chloe does sleep in. And she has the cutest bed head I’ve ever seen. Potty training is going great. There’s rarely a peepee accident, but she’s still afraid to poop in the toilet. It does have it’s own fun challenges, especially since I’m allowing her to wear panties away from home. For example, she’s afraid of toilets that flushgvbbbbh loudly and doesn’t like using it there. That vghjjfdmakes it a problem for our Walmart excursions. Then there’s when you make them pee before you leave and they say they don’t have to go. Then you get everyone in the car and as you put it in reverse you hear “I gotta pee!” I now regret any smirking I did when my single self watched my sister-in-law go through that one. On a side note; there was an intermission up there. She did wake up when I got her out of the car!
3. I’m so happy for my growing relationship with my baby Bailey. I’ve loved her since I saw her, but for me, the bond doesn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t like the baby books for me. When they place the wrinkly baby on my chest, I’m not at a full level yet. I love them and would jump in front of traffic for them from the get go, but as time elapses, I certainly like them a lot more. Maybe, somewhere, there’s a Mom who will read that and understand what I mean. Bailey will be 11 weeks old tomorrow. She is developing her own personality. She laughs out loud a lot now and tries to communicate. I love when she furrows her brow and looks at me questionably. I believe she will end up looking more like Ben. When I look at her, I just want to cover her with kisses. She is so sweet and cuddly. I love being her Mommy. Looking at her, renews my feeling that I was called to this, that I was made for it, and would rather do this than anything else in this world.
On another side note; I just found Chloe standing in the bathroom, beside the toilet, pooping in her panties. It’s a work in progress.
That is all šŸ™‚





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