3 Facts for the Day

26 02 2013

1. I simply adore flannel pajama pants. They especially feel good after having to wear wet jeans in the aftermath of a cold downpour of rain. They are especially warm when you have a 14 lb living heater balanced on your lap. I must say she’s the cutest heater I’ve ever seen. She is laughing and cooing away at me, causing me to frequently pause as I jot my thoughts down. So if this seems more fractured than usual you know why. Also, if you notice even more grammatical errors than usual, I’m gonna blame that on the sweet little foot kicking my phone. I stop frequently to pretend like I’m eating her toes. This causes a cascade of more giggles, which I love. I see a beautiful little version of Ben when I look at her. I can think of no better view as I reflect on the day.
2. I mentioned the rain. We ran through it to the jeep after my step-daughter Marlie’s Birthday party we had for her tonight at her Grandparent’s. It was a great time. Marlie turned 10 this past week. I first met her at age 5. It has been so special watching her grow. I am really enjoying the transformation lately, as I can recall going through the same thing as a girl. She has started, over the past few months, to begin showing signs of maturity. She does little things around the house that show me she is growing up and starting to think like a young adult. It really surprised me at first. On the other had, right after doing something really adult like, she will run off with Chloe and they’ll come back with markers on their face. I remember as a kid when I started to worry about my appearance and wanting to dress like my older girl cousin, but then still wanted to play with frogs and Barbies too.
3. We opted for a toy present for her, but an ageless toy. We got a bicycle for her. I know she liked it. She had outgrown long ago her princess bicycle she got for her 5th Birthday when we first met. We still have it in the shed though, and Ben has promised Chloe he will get it aired up and ready for her. I look forward to Spring when we can all ride together. Her cousins were at the party which made for a super fun and super loud, rambunctious time. Ben made pizza for everyone and we finished it off with cake and ice cream of course. There was screaming, laughing, running, presents, poop in panties, and a baby that napped through it all. As the day comes to a close, no nap by Chloe and school tomorrow for Marlie, insure bedtime is soon. Even super fun days must end.
That is all 🙂





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