3 Facts for the Day

28 02 2013

1. How we rock a baby to sleep at our house: I am rocking the baby, who is almost asleep. Chloe comes in and yells, “I’m gonna brush my teeth.” She has no volume control. I mouth “Ok. Shhh.” She screams “Ok Mom. I’m gonna brush my teeth now. Bye.” She slams the door. I rock. Baby is almost back asleep. Chloe throws door open and exclaims, “I’m brushing my teeth. I’ll let you know when I’m done.” Me, “Be quiet.” Chloe screams softer “Ok Mom. I’ll shut this door and let you know when I’m done.” She slams door with me hoping she’ll take a while. I rock. Baby closes her eyes. Chloe bursts through the door, “I gotta pee!”
2. Shopping is a lady’s favorite pastime. That is until they have children. Then it’s a hurried chore. I don’t know if I’m unrealistic or saddistic. Either way, for some reason I thought it would be brilliant to go shopping for my husband’s Birthday present with a 2 year old and 11 week old in tow. First mistake, I had no idea what I was getting him. That means multiple stores with lots of looking. Second mistake, I forgot the stroller. That means carting an infant carrier around at stores without shopping carts. Third mistake, not putting a dog leash on my toddler (or at least slipping her a Valium). In the shoe store, Chloe had a tantrum. Quick exit and one punishment later, she was tolerable for the second store. Third store, it was time to feed baby. Then it was potty break and diaper change. In the next store, I couldn’t get good control of Chloe and Bailey was tired, so we went to leave. My phone rang so I stopped to dig in my purse for it. The caller says “Hey. What’s going on with you.” My reply. “Chloe’s gone!” I thankfully was able to spot her already at the back of the store. And she was ducking under a clothing rack, pulling her feet out of sight just as I walked up. I spanked her right there under a rack of ladies slacks. Bailey fell asleep. So being the adventurous soul I am, I decided to go grocery shopping next. Actually I figured it had already gone so bad, I might as well just keep going and not drag this madness into another day.
3. Sadly, all that shopping with multiple pit stops, got me home late. 8 pm is late when you have young children, a trunk full of groceries, and no dinner made. When you have an infant, every task is centered around them. They must be fed and their other needs attended to before anything else you want to do or rather need to do. Even as a second time Mom, I still can forget this. I think I have enough time to complete certain things, and am quickly put in my place. As I’ve said before, parenting is a humbling experience. I think God planned it that way. What better tool is there to use to teach us self sacrifice, patience, humility, and unconditional love than that we gain from a child.
That is all 🙂





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