3 Facts for the Day

28 02 2013

1. I try to understand it, and maybe that’s my problem. Maybe it can’t be explained. Maybe it’s one of those strange phenomenons that just happen. I ask you, why can I no longer be on time for anything? Ahh, but wait. I mentioned last weekend that I manage to get to work on time. Its because I don’t have to take the kids to work with me. I can get up in the wee hours of the morning and pretend I’m a young, single gal again, only having to bathe and dress myself. But when you push the time down later to when those kiddos are about to wake, and then worse, when they do; forget about it! I always dress myself first thinking if I get myself out of the way, I’m saving time. That’s all well and good, until you get stained by pee, poop, spit-up, or all of the above. Then there’s the mood of the child to consider. If you’re staying at home, your child will wake up smiling and singing. If you have somewhere to go, they’re suddenly gonna want to sleep in and any attempts to try and wake them brings about fits of crying and spittle soaked pillow cases. Every child will be hungry and need to be fed. Each child will soil there pants as you’re heading out the door. I planned to leave the house 30 minutes earlier than I needed to this morning. I arrived at my destination 5 minutes late. Big sigh. I’m beginning to think that no matter how far ahead of time I start the process to leave the house, I will still end up late. It’s something that I just need to accept. I can start being on time again when the girls leave for college.
2. The girls and I went to a retirement ceremony for a very special woman in our lives. My Aunt, my Mother’s only sister, retired today. My children are very special to her, and we were honored to be invited for such a special day. The thing is, she’s a very special lady to me. There are not a lot of people around anymore who know our full history. When I was my Mom’s only child, my Aunt was a big part of our lives. When my biological Father left and cleaned out the bank account right before Christmas, she bought my Christmas presents. When I was a little tomboy 4 year old, she took me shopping for panties with ruffles and black patent leather Mary Janes. She even got me the Michael Jackson Thriller shirt I desperately wanted. (We all have things from childhood we regret). When my Mother and I moved here from California, we lived in her back bedroom until we got on our feet. Most importantly to me, is how my Mother loved her sister with all her heart. When I’m with her, I can see my Mom in her. And I know when she sees me, she sees her sister also. But we don’t just love each other seeking someone who has left us. It’s more than that. I suppose all I can say is I love her. I’m glad I have her. I’m glad my children have her. And now that she’s retired, we’ll see a lot more of her.
3. While there are many changes that occur when you become a parent, there is one that really knocks you down a peg. When you have children, you are no longer the important one. Childless readers, you will see. During Holidays, you won’t really get gifts anymore. Your kids will. When a family member calls, they don’t so much ask about you as much. They wanna know how the kids are. Today when we went to the party, I may as well have been introduced as Chloe and Bailey’s Mom, as compared to Brie. Sure, my name might have been mentioned, but all people saw were the kids. You suddenly become the faceless shape hovering over the baby while people ohh and ahh over him or her. You might as well be invisible. That is, until one of your kids start crying or doing something wrong. Then you’ll be remembered, but they won’t likely call you by name. Instead they’ll say, “Ohhh, it looks like somebody needs their Mommy”. When I look at people admiring my beautiful baby or laughing at Chloe’s antics, I can think of no other people I’d rather play 2nd fiddle to. You’re no longer # 1 when the babies come, but suddenly your heart has changed and taken on the Mommy character, and you realize you don’t mind. Nope, not even one bit.
That is all. 🙂





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