3 Facts for the Day

1 03 2013

1. My baby seems to go through cycles with her feeding. These are often called “growth spurts”, but my infant seems to go through them more frequently than what is typically documented in reading materials. So I’ve taken to calling them cycles. She has gone through a cycle this week, where she has been eating a lot. Instead of sleeping a 5 hour stretch at night; this week she nursed at least every two hours at night. She also ate frequently during the day. I’m very sensitive to the supply and demand issue. So if she eats more, I produce more milk. Yesterday, she went back to eating every 2-3 hours during the day and sleeping a long stretch at night. My milk production did not diminish. Therefore, I’ve been like a fire hydrant, sprouting leaks and spraying all over the place. I had to change my pajamas at 3 am and will be washing the sheets today. Bailey takes it all in stride, just holding her mouth open at a distance and catching her dinner. I dreamed last night that my milk curdled in there! It was a nightmare actually. Breastfeeding has its challenges and nuisances, but it is something that I think is best for baby and therefore I will put up with more laundry to achieve. Plus the hubby seems to find the wet t-shirt look amusing.
2. Chloe took a power nap earlier. The second she woke up, she was talking. She began describing to me how she couldn’t see when her eyes were closed, but she could see a little with them squinted, and all the way with them open. It’s nonstop. The Duracell bunny concedes defeat in her presence. And she thinks she knows everything. No, really, she said to me this morning “I know everything.” She enjoyed my dinner I made last night and wanted it for breakfast. I explained it was all gone. She argued that with me when she saw a box of bow tie pasta with a bit left in it on the counter. Hard to explain to a 2 year old that fettuccine alfredo doesn’t come out of the box that way, that it must be prepared. She had to chew on a piece of uncooked pasta before she believed me. Then she took the box to her kitchen in her room to cook it properly. Aside from nonstop talking and knowing everything, she’s practicing her anger management. Instead of the usual screaming, she’s taken to telling me “Mommy, I’m mad!” Yesterday when she was skipping around at the party, some men chuckled at her antics. She told me “Mommy, I’m mad!” When I asked why, she responded, “I don’t like when people laugh at me.” If this blog ends up only being a place for me to keep record of her behavior, then it will be well worth my time.
3. As I ran around in my front yard with a butterfly net trying to catch snowflakes, I looked up at the other houses to see if anyone was watching me act like a moron. Then I looked at the huge grin on Chloe’s face and decided I didn’t care. I love how something so simple can be so fun to a kid. I love how being with them is infectious and you find yourself enjoying the simple things in life as well. Only a child can make a grown man wear hair bows and drink imaginary tea from a pink cup. I can often get carried away in the tasks of being a parent and wife. If it weren’t for the infectious joy of play I experience with my kids, I might just get lost in the piles of laundry. Instead, Chloe’s imaginative vibrancy is like a lifeboat that pulls me to sanity.
That is all 🙂





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